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Local Fairs and Regional Festivals

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Temple Festivals:

Every temple in Thailand celebrates a temple festival once a year lasting for ten days. Attractions include food stalls, all kinds of shops and skillful games with prizes for the winners. For the locals this is a welcome social event.
Some temples are famous and their festivals draw  audiences from afar. Thousands of pilgrims gather for a few days to celebrate.
For tourists these temple festivals may not be that interesting.
City Fairs:

Every provincial capital in Thailand celebrates a Fair at least once a year. As nearly every province is known for some specific product or produce, the festival centres around these products. The most famous fairs with regional significance are included in our monthly list of festivals.
All over the country similar fairs are organized by certain business people and take place on important public holidays like Loy Krathong or Christmas.
They resemble the "Volksfest" or "Weihnachtsmarkt" in Germany. 

Touristic Festivals:

In order to promote tourism the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) organizes certain festivals, e.g. the "Amazing Phang Nga Festival" in Khao Lak to start the tourist season. Hotels, restaurants, tour businesses and  shops decorate booths and show off their business. Cheap or even free food is served, bands are playing on several stages and a beauty contest is performed.
In Khao Lak this is an important event where every business can be seen and the latest fliers and brochures are exchanged amongst each other. 
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