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Cultural History of Thailand

Similar to the political development, Thailand’s cultural history began without the Thai people being involved.
Approximately 6000 years ago prehistoric settlements emerged in the vicinity of Ban Chiang village in the northeast of the country. The people who lived there manufactured tools and arms made of bronze including many objects for daily use made of clay. The form and detail revealed a high degree of artistic sensibility.
Old Sukhothai Historical Park
Only with the foundation of the first Thai kingdom in Sukhothai an individual artistic style was established. The styles of the Mon and Khmer traditions merged, and were transformed and further developed. Hindu ideas as well as animistic understanding were portrayed in their artifacts. Furthermore, Thailand is located on the interface of two big world cultures and it profited not only from Indian and Chinese influences, but was also open to artistic trends from Ceylon and Java. However, the dominant element of all stylistic forms was Buddhism.
Old Sukhothai Historical Park
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