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The Khmer Period of Arts

From the tenth century, the Khmer invaded the area coming from their main region east of the Mekong and moved towards the west. They expelled the Mon from central Thailand and constructed a large number of buildings which are of high significance in present day art history. The most supreme is the temple area of Phimai.
Architectural evidence
of the Khmer period is also found at Sukhothai and Lopburi; as well along the old road that connected Phimai and Angkor, namely the ruins of Prasat Phanom Rung near Buri Ram.

The most significant elements of Khmer architecture are the high towers. These “Prangs”  are situated in the center of the temple area. They are furnished with several niches which usually contain small Buddha statues.

Khmer Buddha images are extremely colorful and the almost square shape of the head is even more emphasized by the leveled hairline and the parallel eyebrows. The eyes, which are leveled as well, and the flat nose above the bulging mouth give a rather stern impression. 
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