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The Sukhothai Period of Arts

After the first Thai kingdom  was founded in 1238, the Thai people began to manifest artistically their newly gained political identity. Therefore, they distanced themselves from the artistic style of the Khmer and developed their own unique aesthetics which revealed the architectural style of the so-called lotus tower, the Chedi.
Examples of this period are found at Sukhothai, Si Satchanalai, Kamphaeng Phet and Phitsanuloke.
In the new era statues became increasingly apparent in the presentation of Buddha images: The face is oval, the nose is slim, and the eyebrows highly arched. The half-closed eyes and the seemingly smiling mouth give the image an air of  strong inner spirituality. For the first time in Thai art the walking Buddha appeared distinguished by the flowing and subtle outlines of the robe and the disproportionate dimensions of the arms and fingers.


Si Satchanalai

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