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Ayutthaya Period of Arts

After the decline of the Sukhothai Empire, the kings of Ayutthaya established their new rule over large parts of Thailand and Indochina from the beginning of the 14th century.
For many Thais this is the “golden era” of Thailand, which ended in 1767 with the destruction of the capital Ayutthaya by the Burmese. 

Politically and culturally  the kings of Ayutthaya followed the tradition of both previous periods, which is reflected clearly in their architecture: Prang and Chedi, the characteristic Khmer and Sukhothai constructions, found its way into various works of art.

Chedis in Ayutthaya
The tall Prang in Ayutthaya
For the first time the Royal Palace in Lopburi showed architectural evidences, which did not serve any religious purpose.
A transformation in the Buddha image expression can be clearly recognized: From the spiritual rapture of the Sukhothai Buddha to the dignity of a God-like being. The face is completely symmetrical. Eyes, nose and mouth are often less accentuated so they appear as ornaments. The majestic appearance is further enhanced by precious jewels, typical of this period.

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