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Destination: Chumphon

A lively City with friendly People and great Food

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The lively provincial capital Chumphon (also written Chumporn, spoken: Choom-pawn), population: 56000, is located 506 km south of Bangkok, 7 km from the sea.

The name derives from "chumnumphon" which can be vaguely translated as "friendly meeting place". For Thai people Chumphon is renowned as the "gateway to the south".

The city itself offers interesting shopping places with very moderate prices, for instance several unique clothes shops in the back roads of Saladaeng Road and the markets and market halls (“bazaar“) as well. There is also the night food market located on Krom Luang Road that starts at dusk and attracts many people for its fantastic food.

The province of Chumphon is mainly affected by the southwest monsoon, but the northeast monsoon has an impact as well. That is why the Tenasserim Mountains have recorded the second highest level of rainfall in Thailand. Although there is much less rain in the plains, the city was hit several times during the rainy season (especially in August/September) by severe floods coming from the mountains and reached nearly 2 meters.


ชายหาดที่เงียบสงบ หาดทรายรี


The Beaches of Chumphon
What attracted us first to Chumphon province where the beautiful, even spectacular beaches. Today about ten beaches are somewhat developed and offer accommodation in a lower medium price range.

Many years ago:
Arriving at Chumphon Cabana next to Thung Wua Laen Beach in a late afternoon of the year 1986  with our VW campervan, we were welcomed with garlands placed around our necks. The staff applauded and shouted: "The winners! The winners!"
We were quite a bit surprised about this very special reception, but just enjoyed this new found popularity.
A few minutes later a Toyota Landcruiser with a  rooftop tent entered the premises and Miss U-Pin, the front office manager solved the riddle:
A motorcade from Bangkok arrived this very evening after a rally along the coast of Thailand. They spent the night at this beach resort which was in those days already very popular among the locals, long before a few enterprising farangs detected the beach as a superb holiday destination.
We became friends with the staff and the owners. As a token of their appreciation they offered a special discount for all the tourists who would later arrive carrying our Thailand Travel Guidebook by Stefan Loose Publications.

Not Rated
Our Favorite Restaurants
Coffee House
Boom Cafe - Restaurants
Not Rated
Boom Cafe (Chumphon)

Boom cafe is located opposite the "Farang Bar", a tiny coffee bar a with bakery that offers the most delicious breads, cakes, tarts, chocolate cakes and biscuits. You‘ll get a taste of paradise when enjoying the "chocolate praline balls" and the "Arabian Honey Cake"!

Chumphon 86000

Chinese Restaurant
Not Rated
Chinese Duck Restaurant (Chumphon)

The Chinese Duck Restaurant serves really inexpensive and delicious "duck with noodles" dish. This simple Chinese restaurant is opposite of Suriwong Hotel. Open only in the morning until noon.

Saladaeng Road Chumphon 86000

Italian Restaurant
Fame Restaurant - Restaurants
Tel.: 077-571076 or 077-571077
Fame Restaurant (ร้านอาหาร เฟม) (Chumphon)

Fame Restaurant is a favourite with travelers‘ and has an Italian flair offering in addition to its standard dishes, delicious sandwiches with homemade olive oil bread. A Popular place!

188/20-21, Sala Daeng Road, Tha Taphao, Chumphon 86000
Tel.: 077-571076 or 077-571077

Vietnamese Restaurant
Green Kitchen (Kruaphaksod) - Restaurants
Tel.: 077-571731
Not Rated
Green Kitchen (Kruaphaksod) (ครัวผักสด) (Chumphon)

The Green Kitchen is a sophisticated restaurant with a nice garden, diagonally opposite to "Nanaburi Hotel", slightly expensive but very good! There is a separate menu for the various Vietnamese dishes.
The Green Kitchen offers the best Seafood, Thai and Chinese dishes in a good atmosphere

110/32 Sooksamer Road, Soi 9, Tha Taphao, Chumphon 86000
Tel.: 077-571731

Travel Agency
Fame Tour and Service - Services
Tel.: 077-506904 or 081-6764900
Not Rated
Fame Tour and Service (เฟมทัวร์ แอนด์ เซอร์วิส) (Chumphon)

Located in the city center of Chumphon, open until 11 pm, restaurant with very delicious snacks and without any obligation to purchase. Internet, book exchange, very nice tours such as jungle trekking, night safaris, white water rafting; transportation and reservation for bus and minibus (also to Khao Lak), visa run to Ranong at 5.30 am and 12.30 pm. Ek, the very kind owner, has recently established his own minibus service: after arrival of the Lomprayah Katamaran from Koh Tao there is one minibus at 1 pm to Krabi (1000 Baht), Ao Nang (1100 Baht) and Koh Lanta (1300 Baht) and a second minibus to Khao Sok, Khao Lak, Phuket and Trang (1100 to 1200 Baht) as well.

188/20-21 Saladaeng Road Tha Taphao Chumphon 86000
Tel.: 077-506904 or 081-6764900 - Fax.: 077-571077

Travel Agency
New Infinity Travel - Services
Tel.: 077-570176 or 089-6871825
Not Rated
New Infinity Travel (นิว อินฟินิตี้ ทราเวล) (Chumphon)

New Infinity Travel Agency is located opposite of Farang Bar. Here you will get very good up-to-date information from Aa, who is very committed to her business. Following services: Taxi Service to the pier, individually planned tours in the surroundings, good information about transportation and tickets, visa run, room reservation on Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. They have their private guesthouse on the upper floor. At "New Way Diving", you can book PADI diving courses and their diving instructors come from 10 different countries. Internet access equipped with Skype phones, 40 Baht per hour: Free pick up service from the railway station or the bus terminal, good choice of second hand books for sale in many languages.

68/2 Tha Taphao Road Chumphon 86000
Tel.: 077-570176 or 089-6871825 - Fax.: 077-501937

Tour Counter
Tel.: 077-511480 or 077-511757
Not Rated
Choke Anan Tour (โชคอนันต์ ทัวร์) (Chumphon)

Open office everyday from 04.30 09.30 pm.
Departure time from Chumphon to Bangkok at
10.30, 12.00, 14.00, 21.30 hrs.
Price 347, 405, 270, 540 Baht.
Customer service office phone no:081-6919669
Able to buy ticket at
- Paitoon Insurance, Paknam Chumphon 077-521054
- Choke Anan Chumphon Motor sale, Thasae 077-599954
- Beauty Saloon First Cut, Thasae 077-599889
- Esso Gas soline Station, Wangphai 077-505010
- Esso Gas soline Station, Wangthong 077-534440

121/16 Pracha Uthid Road Ta Taphao Chumphon 86000
Tel.: 077-511480 or 077-511757

Lomprayah High Speed Ferries - Services
Tel.: 077-570085 or 081-95656444
Not Rated
Lomprayah High Speed Ferries (บริษัทเรือเร็ว ลมพระยา) (Chumphon)

Route Catamaran from Chumphon to
- Ko Tao, Ko Phangan, Ko Samui
- Time 07.00 am., 01.00 pm.
- Price 550, 750, 850, 950 Baht.
More phones no:077-558112, 077-558212-3

51-53 Tha Taphao Road, Chumphon 86000
Tel.: 077-570085 or 081-95656444 - Fax.: 077-506435

Tour Counter
Tel.: 077-570643
Not Rated
Ruamponkon Chumphonduenrod (Chumphon)

Minivan service from Chumphon to Ranong (083-5202653)
Time of service: 07.00 - 17.00 (every 1 hour)

Chumphon 86000
Tel.: 077-570643

Tour Counter
Tel.: 087-8008170 or 086-5940085
Not Rated
Tonpalm Voyage (ต้นปาล์ม วอร์ยาจ) (Chumphon)

Our services as follows:
- Guide to the sea in Chumphon Province and Mu Ko Chumphon National Park.
- Skin Diving
- Fishing
All inexpensive.

Chumphon 86000
Tel.: 087-8008170 or 086-5940085

Chumphon Garden - Accommodation
70 rooms  from 490 to 2,000 Baht
Tel.: 077-506888 or 077-512400-2
Not Rated
Chumphon Garden (ชุมพร การ์เดนท์) (Chumphon)
Rates: 490 to 2,000 Baht

Chumpon Garden is a newly built hotel at the same former location near the market, 70 nicely furnished rooms and suites with air conditioning. The new Gardens Restaurant offers Thai, Chinese and international dishes, open from 6 am to 11 pm.

66/1 Tha Taphao Road Chumphon 86000
Tel.: 077-506888 or 077-512400-2 - Fax.: 077-512399

Chumphon Grand Palace Hotel - Accommodation
348 rooms  from 440 to 2,500 Baht
Tel.: 077-574800-4 or 080-5282626
Not Rated
Chumphon Grand Palace Hotel (โรงแรมชุมพร แกรนด์ พาเลซ) (Chumphon)
Rates: 440 to 2,500 Baht

The Chumphon Grand Palace Hotel can be seen in the distance from the city centre, the 22-storey high-rise building is situated 2 km West of the city centre. The Chumpon Grand Palace Hotel consists of 348 large en-suite rooms with air conditioning, satellite TV, fridge and hot water. Very large coffee shop. The excellent breakfast and dinner buffet is included in the room rate, but the breakfast is only for one person. The luxury suites are 2,500 Baht per night.

219 Moo 1, Chumphon-Ranong Road, Wang Phai, Mueang, Chumphon 86000
Tel.: 077-574800-4 or 080-5282626 - Fax.: 077-574667-8

Chumphon Guesthouse (Kae House) - Accommodation
7 rooms  from 160 to 180 Baht
Tel.: 077-502900 or 083-6359897
Chumphon Guesthouse (Kae House) (ชุมพร เกสท์เฮาส์) (Chumphon)
Rates: 160 to 180 Baht

The Chumpon Guesthouse is 600 m East of the train station, turn left from the main road into a small, quiet back road; the Chumpon Guesthouse is a simple wooden building with 2 floors, sparsely furnished rooms with poorly soundproofed walls and three common bathrooms (shower and toilets), on the ground floor; there is also a small row house with shower and toilet. Breakfast is served outside in the garden/yard. Internet access is available, also motorcycles for rent. The new female owner Kae (Kay) creates a lovely homely atmosphere.

27 Krom Luang Road, Soi 1 Tha Taphao Chumphon 86000
Tel.: 077-502900 or 083-6359897

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