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Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry which constitutes about 33% of Thailand's GDP has mainly settled in greater Bangkok, Chonburi and Rayong province which is to the south east of Bangkok. In these so-called “Eastern Seaboards” with two  deep sea harbors and a petrochemical industry, mainly middle-sized and large companies have been established.

Honda Thailand

Until now the manufacturing industry consisted of small and middle-sized businesses producing mainly food, textiles and leather goods. Textile and leather manufacturing experienced an upswing in recent years and is now  contributing to foreign exchange.
Thai silk which used to be only manufactured for domestic consumption a few decades ago is now an important source of foreign exchange as well.

Textile Shops
The attraction of low wages and government inducements resulted in investment by modern foreign companies in the last few years. The sectors involved were textile, electronic, vehicle manufacturing and the plastics industry. As a consequence the traditional low-wage countries such as South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan had to concede shares of their markets to Thailand for consumer goods.

Electronic Warehouse
January 10, 1988 was a historic date for the Thai automotive industry.  On this day the first batch of 500 of an order for 100,000 Japanese cars had been completed. They had been assembled entirely in Thailand and  were shipped to Canada.  

Honda Thailand
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