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The School System in Thailand

In 1921 compulsory education was implemented, although only in the seventies could it be firmly established throughout the whole country.
The Thai school system is mainly orientated on the British model, most probably resulting from the fact that the ruler of those days was King Vajiravudh, who was educated in England.

Kindergartens or pre-schools are available for children aged four to seven years nationwide and they serve as preparation for elementary school.
Compulsory education starts at the age of seven and lasts for nine years. The first six years are primary level followed by six years of secondary school, while the latter can be finished after three years as well. Then there is the possibility of  three years' college, which combines theory and practice.
After six years of secondary school, there is the opportunity to study at one of the numerous public or private universities in Thailand. There is a school fee for primary and secondary school as well. Universities are usually very expensive, unless the students are granted a scholarship.
Thailand has had considerable success with increasing its literacy rate. The percentage of people over the age of 15 who are literate increased to 93% (2004) according to UNESCO surveys and the youth literacy rate of people between 15 and 25 was even 98% (2004).

Accordingly, the number of elementary teachers doubled and the number of secondary teachers even  increased five times.  
Yaowawit School and Lodge

This boarding school for children of socially disadvantaged background is highly recommended for a visit.
It is 45 km to the east of Khao Lak in a beautiful rural landscape next to pristine jungle.

With the comfortable bungalows in the school compound and all the activities they offer for active tourists this is a destination not to be missed for socially interested tourists.

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