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Holidays and Festivals in January

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January 1:
New Year's Day
(public holiday)

The beginning of the year according to the Gregorian calender is celebrated in Thailand as well, especially in cities and tourist areas.
January 1 – 8:
Chiang Mai Winter Fair

There is an exhibition of local products, presentation of cultural events and a beauty contest  in the city centre and municipal sports stadium in Chiang Mai in the first week of January. 
First Week in January
Muang Sam Mok Fair

Cultural presentations such as folk dances and performances with traditional instruments are part of the festival week in Mae Hong Son, northern Thailand. There is a beauty contest, exhibitions and other entertainment.
Last Week in January
Don Chedi Memorial Fair

In 1592 the Thai king Naresuan won over the crown prince of Burma in a historic battle in the Don Chedi District of Suphanburi, central Thailand. The fight, which takes place on elephants, is played during the festival in the evenings. There are also folk events and local products are exhibited for sale.

More information about the Battle and King Naresuan in

In January/February
Phra Buddha Baht Homage-Paying Fair

The shrine of Phra Buddha Baht with Buddha's footprint is located near the town Saraburi in central Thailand. Thousands of believers make a pilgrimage to this holy place during the two-day festivities in order to pay homage to Buddha.    

In January/February
Phra Buddha Chinarat Homage-Paying Fair

Phra Buddha Chinarat statue situated in Wat Mahathat in Phitsanulok, central Thailand is one of the most honored Buddha statues in Thailand. This week-long event includes entertainment as well as cultural events and exhibitions. Special local products are offered for sale.
In January/February
Phra That Phanom Chedi Homage-Paying Fair

This chedi (stupa) at That Phanom is the most sacred Buddhist monument in north eastern Thailand. During the almost week-long celebrations, believers dressed in white gather in the temple area for prayers.
In January/February
Chinese New Year
(Thailand China town Festival)

Chinese New Year is celebrated throughout the country by the resident Chinese population with their families in the chinese temples. Their shops are closed for a few days. Many Chinese people travel during this time to visit relatives or take a holiday.

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