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Holidays and Festivals in July

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In June/July
Phi Ta Khon Festival

Phi Ta Khon is  an utterly unique celebration during the Bun Luang Festival in the Northeast of Thailand, especially in Dan Sai in Loei province. The biggest yearly merit-making ceremony of entertainment, the locals believe, is also a rain-making ceremony. The most interesting part of the festival is the uniqueness of costumes. The masked "ghosts" have a special bell they wear around their waists. The first activity normally starts with the Phra Uppakhut image. In the afternoon, there are many colourful parades. Each village will make their own parade for the competition. Moreover, Phi Ta Khon have a dance competition and other cultural performances.
In July
Asarnha Bucha
(public holiday)

This holiday is celebrated on the full moon day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. It commemorates Buddha's first sermon to his first five students. It also serves as preparation for Khao Phansa, the introduction to the three-months Buddhist lent, which starts the following day. Monks withdraw for meditation and studies into the monasteries. For many young men the entry into the monastery symbolizes a new period of their life. Only after the ceremonious ordination including shaving of hair and putting on the yellow monks' cowl, the aspirant is a full member of the society.
In July
Candle Festival

Khao Phansa, the start of the Buddhist Lent, is celebrated in Ubon Ratchathani, northeastern Thailand. A unique  procession takes place using two metre long candles, beautifully ornamented and decorated  in different shapes. They are carried and  through the streets to the temple. Included in the program are beauty contests, dance and theatre performances.
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