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. Ko Phangan -- Koh Phangan

Destination: KoPhaNgan

The magic Island in the Bay of Thailand

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Mr.T: You enjoy parties? -- Yes, this is the right place for you.
But Ko Phangan has much more to offer. Just check it out here...
Welcome to paradise!

Ko Phangan (sometimes spelled Koh Phangan) lies right next to the also popular islands Ko Tao and Ko Samui, but has a totally different character and feel. For many people Phangan Island is more a way of life than a place on the map.
Ko Phangan offers a unique versatility of possibilities in a wonderful natural surrounding. The number of people who can't resist the magic of the island is growing every day

Ko Phangan has a rough and untamed setting. One third of the island consists of mountains with jungle vegetation which rise up to 630 m above sea level.
All coasts of the island are filled with lush green that grows all the way down to the ocean. The beaches you find everywhere around the island are fringed with palm trees and freckled with big boulders
The name Ko Phangan has been connected strongly with the monthly full moon party, by now famous around the world.
But the island has so much more to offer. In some of Phangan's remote locations, be it wonderful bays, hiking routes or small fishing villages you don't even hear or see anything of the party hassle at all.

On Ko Phangan you can meditate, attend Yoga classes, learn Thai massage. You can enjoy a great variety of culinary delights, visit live concerts and get to know interesting people in bars and on dance floors.
You can spend your day wake boarding, diving, kite surfing or mountain biking.
You can cruise around on your motorbike for hours or dare a tour through the jungle.  
Or you just settle down for a few days in one of the many wonderful places the island has to offer, relax, and give in to the magic. It's not unlikely that days turn into weeks. 
The descriptions of the locations on the island are in the following order:

First of all, the hub Thong Sala where almost every tourist enters the island.
Then all beaches in the Northwest and the North, from Thong Sala to Hat Khom.
Then the South all the way down to Hat Rin.
Next are all beaches on the East Coast, from Hat Yuan in the South to Bottle Beach in the North.
And last but not least, you will find some information on the centre of the island.

These pages have been written for your information and your enjoyment by Marco Buch, our friend and Ko Phangan lover who spent another 2 months on Ko Phangan just to collect the latest information in February and March 2011.
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