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Holidays and Festivals in October

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In September/October
Vegetarian Festival

On the first day during the ninth month of the lunar calendar the nine-day vegetarian festival is celebrated in Phuket, southern Thailand. During this time, local Chinese people eat vegetarian food and there are numerous ceremonies in many temples, a large procession through the town and  fireworks on the last day.

One of the most interesting are the ceremonies in Put Jaw temple in Ranong Road/corner Soi Phoo Thon. You can marvel at believers walking barefoot on hot coals and climbing up ladders  with sharp blades on the rungs.
In September/October
Vegetarian Festival at Takua Pa Old Town

Also on the first day during the ninth month of the lunar calendar the nine-day vegetarian festival is celebrated in Takua Pa, Phang Nga province, in southern Thailand.
This festival was created and performed for the first time more than 150 years ago. It is a purely local festival. Foreigners are very welcome by the local people but should respect the local customs, e.g. wearing a white shirt and trousers.
Highly respected local female mediums, will bless every family and their house and perform the same ceremonies with bystanders who gain protection of the deities these women represent.
Participants  come from all the surrounding villages and bring their deities with them in palanquins that are rocked and twisted by means of special step patterns.
To see more pictures of this deafening festival please click here.

In September/October
Vegetarian Festival at Khuk Khak, Takua Pa

Even in the village of Khuk Khak, just north of Khao Lak, a festival is performed in full tradition, including a fire walk at the end. Tourists in white clothes are very welcome. They will be amazed to see their resort staff practicing as highly revered mediums.
For many pictures of this impressive festival please click here.
In October
Ok Phansa

The end of the Buddhist lent is celebrated throughout the country. In Nakhon Phanom, northeastern Thailand,  miniature boats beautifully decorated with lit candles are floated on the Mekhong river. The people of Sakhon Nakhon, northeastern Thailand parade their detailed beeswax models of Buddhist temples and shrines through the town.
In October/November
Thot Kathin

The day after Ok Phansa festival the one-month nationwide celebrated Kathin takes place. Buddhists offer new  saffron cowls, daily necessities and gits of money to the monks.
October 23
Chulalongkorn Memorial Day
(public holiday)

Commemorating the anniversary of the death of the popular King Chulalongkorn who ruled as Rama V from 1868 to 1910. He implemented new reforms and modernizations during his reign in Thailand. Thousands of Thais of all social ranks decorate his statue with flowers which stands in front of the National Assembly Hall at Dusit Zoo in Bangkok.
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