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Mail and Packages in Thailand

The postal service in Thailand is reliable and relatively fast. Letters to and from Thailand  take approximately four to seven days.

Sending mail to Thailand
With emails a standard facility for tourists, hardly anyone needs to receive Poste Restante letters nowadays. If it is required for some reason, post offices still offer this service.
Sample poste restante letter to a post office:
Family name, First name
Poste Restante
General Post Office
City, Postcode

Post Office in Mae Haad Town

Service hours on Ko Tao

Services            Western Union

Post Office on Ko Lanta
The mail can be collected at a special counter for Poste Restante. In the General Post Office in Bangkok this counter is to the left of the main entrance.
Collection fee per letter: 1 Baht.
Open: Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm,
          Saturday 8 am to 1 pm.
The procedure will be facilitated when you make sure that your family name is underlined. When collecting the mail you have to show your passport. Mail which is not being collected will be returned to sender about two months later.

Post Office in Saphli
Mail from Thailand

Letters and post cards.

In tourist places you can buy postcards as well as stamps. Some hotels include a post box or even accept letters and cards and take them to the post box for their guests. Count on transfer times of 2 to 8 weeks though.

Stamps: A letter by airmail (up to 10 gram) to Europe costs 17 Baht, an Aerogram 15 Baht, a postcard (by airmail) 12 Baht.

For stamp collectors: Most post offices sell special issue stamps. The General Post Office in Bangkok, New Road, provides a counter for these special issue stamps.

Post box in Ranong
Nowadays most airlines are very strict with overweight. There's a cheaper option when sending parcels home and avoiding the expensive overweight charge at the airport.

Parcels can be sent either by plane (airmail), by ship (seamail, surface mail) or in combination of both (SAL; Sea-Air-Land).

Parcels to Europe sent by airmail take about one week, Seamail-parcels about six weeks (fast) to three months (slow), SAL-Packets reach their destination in about three to four weeks.

Post Office in Khao Lak
The maximum weight for parcels to most countries is 20 kg (pronounced kegee).
The rates to various countries differ slightly, so the following rates may serve as a guideline.
The General Post Office in Bangkok offers an excellent GPO-owned 'parcel packing service'. For approximately 50 Baht the items are packaged in a solid box.
Open: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4.30 pm, Saturday 8.30 am to 12.30 pm.
In other post offices this service may be provided by private entrepreneurs.
1 kg  3 kg  5 kg  10 kg  15 kg   20 kg


1.100 Baht

   850 Baht

   900 Baht
1.800 Baht

1.090 Baht

1.460 Baht
2.500 Baht

1.330 Baht

2.020 Baht
4.250 Baht

1.930 Baht

3.420 Baht
6.000 Baht

2.530 Baht

4.820 Baht
7.750 Baht

3.130 Baht

6.220 Baht
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