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International Sports

Football is gradually emerging as a new popular sport, at least for the young Thai people. If you go by bus through the countryside, football goals are placed in many schoolyards and large squares and you can watch youths of either sex playing football. Daily newspapers and sports magazines report extensively about the European football leagues and  television shows reports regularly once a week about events taking place in Italy, Great Britain and Germany.
Thailand’s premier football event is the annual “King’s Cup”. It is held in January and eight to ten amateur national teams play for the cup graciously donated by King Bhumiphol. .
Thailand features International boxing championships, but only in the lightweight class. WBC champions such as Sot Chitalada, Napa Kiatwanchai and Veeraphol Nakhonluang or Somjit Jongjohor, who won the Olympics, are celebrated and honored as national heroes.
Golf enjoys great popularity. In Bangkok, it can be a special experience: There is a golf course between the runways of Don Muang Airport.
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