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Thai people are very passionate about betting and by its mere enthusiasm it is  contagious, especially sports betting. They bet on boat races and risk a couple of Baht on dragon fights and particularly on horse racing too - there are two turf clubs in Bangkok. During Thai boxing, however, a large amount of  Baht changes hands.  Of course it is possible to bet on the winner before the contest starts, but it is really a stormy affair in the third and fourth round and if the fight is going to last a long time. The audience on the tiers bet hand to hand and the action in the ring almost becomes a minor matter. The  betting stake is announced in sign language with hands and fingers because of the noise. Then the bet is fixed by handshake. Therefore, it is recommended to refrain from accidental spontaneous finger exercises. Its possible that suddenly a stranger hands you a stack of Baht, because you won!

Needless to say, betting on cockfights, which take place nationwide, is very popular among  Thais as well as buffalo fights, which are hold in the south of Thailand and the beetle fighting in the area of Chiang Mai from October to December. During the beetle fighting two fat, black, male beetles, which look like stag beetles, try to cling to a long piece of bamboo with holes where a female beetle is placed. The female is used as a lure to incite the males into battle over her. The opponent, which falls down first, has lost the battle and the spectators who bet on him as well. Fighting beetles (kuang) can become real champions and often they have a value of several hundred Baht, even though their short lifespan of only approximately three months.
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