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Eating in Thailand

If you are on the road and feeling hungry, you will find many places to eat. Popular favorites are  noodle soup (kwai tiao nam) , roasted satay skewers or a plate of fried rice (khau pat).
The food is eaton with fork and spoons, the fork is only used to push the foo don the spoon. Cop Sticks are only used with noodle soups In Northeast and in the South sticky rice is eaten with the fingers. As in most Asian countries the right hand is used to eat as the left hand is considered dirty.

Thai people eat light meals during the day and the main meal  in the evening. They usually enjoy a good long dinner with family or  friends at home or in a restaurant. Thai people love to socialize and to eating together means much more than just  eating! The more people that sit at the table, the more there is to say and the more fun there is. Furthermore, there is a larger selection of  dishes and different ingredients to be enjoyed.
The staple food is rice and is eaten with every main meal. The various side dishes (gangs) are prepared with pork, beef, chicken, fish, seafood and many kinds of vegetables. Additionally, there can be  fried or barbecued fish. Depending on the appetite and the wallet there might be a stuffed omelet too. The whole meal can be then complemented with a mild soup. Very popular are curries originating from India, while the Thai version is prepared with more coconut milk and a lot of chillies.
As a consequence of the increasing number of backpackers in Asia, in all the travelers' meeting places you will find mostly a rather standardized menu. In Thailand this is commonly found and muesli, pancakes, spaghetti bolognaise, and wiener schnitzel are part of the usual menu. Furthermore there are many Thai dishes adjusted to western taste without being spicy. The Thai people assume that the foreigners prefer a less spicy preparation. These dishes cost about 80 to 180 Baht
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