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The least expensive food you will find in food stalls, which are an important part of the image of Thailand's streets similar to the roaring tuk-tuks. The most basic kind of food stalls hangs on the ends of a bamboo stick that is laid on the shoulders and then brought to its sales location: on one side there is usually a charcoal grill or oven while on the other one there are dishes and all the ingredients. For a delicious soup or rice with a side dish you normally pay about 20-30 Baht.
Food stalls with a more expensive setting offer a seating area with stools and folding tables and the choice of dishes is larger, too. One plate of food costs about 30-40 Baht.
Starting at sunset many of these walking or rolling food stalls gather at small or big food markets. These are called night markets and you can find them in every Thai town or city. To sit and eat there and to enjoy the relaxing and joyful Asian atmosphere surely is a wonderful experience of your trip in Thailand.
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