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Especially in the countryside you might find simple restaurants without a menu. Even if you do not speak a single word of Thai, you should not have any problems: The friendly Thai people do not mind you looking inside their cooking pots and they let the curious foreigner taste their food. A portion of those delicacies usually costs between 50 and 60 Baht.
Restaurants which have an open-air kitchen are similar in their price range, however the orders are more complicated: All ingredients such as meat, fish and vegetables are still fresh and unprepared similar to a market stand and arranged around the cooking place. The customer composes the meal individually and needs to discuss the price with the waiter or the waitress regarding the preparation of the meal. During these discussions there can easily be difficulties in communication, however, with a little Thai and sign language these will quickly disappear.

In restaurants located in touristic places there normally is a menu written in Thai and English as well. Sometimes you might find  waiters who do not understand or read a word of English. Therefore it is best to point with the finger at the dish that you want to order in the menu.
Menu: Mother House Restaurant (ThungKamNoi)

(with friendly permission)
In small, simply furnished restaurants, the price of a meal is about 50 to 60 Baht. The customers sit on simple stools in a garage-like restaurant and most probably the food is served on plastic plates. If you like it more sophisticated – maybe a garden restaurant with rattan furniture and porcelain – you will pay about 80 Baht or more per meal. In restaurants with a program such as classical Thai dance you will pay about 300 Baht and more per person per meal.

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