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Gang pat: The popular Thai curry in its spicy version. Small cut chicken, beef or pork, chillies, eggplants, onions and a little garlic are cooked together with a lot of coconut milk, seasoned with coriander on top. Cooked without coconut milk it is called gang paan and is more spicy.

Gai yang: Barbecued chicken – a specialty from the northeast of Thailand. The chicken is cut open and made flat. Rubbed with pepper, chilli powder, garlic and coriander then with  sweet and sour sauce added  it is placed on the charcoal grill. In this way it stays crispy on the outside and very, very juicy inside. Eaten together with a spicy papaya salad (som tam) – that's it! 

Satay: Small meat skewers (satay) are offered on nearly every street corner. They look and taste good but be aware: sometimes they are covered with hot chilli sauce.
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