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Pla toot: Fried fish. There is a large choice of freshwater and sea fish. Trust the local people as they will recommend the best varieties as they understand about fish. Our recommendation: pla kapong usually is a good choice. If you like to eat fried fish prepared in a sweet and sour sauce, you can order pla priao waan.

Toot man pla: Small flat fish balls, seasoned with chopped onions, coriander, green chillies, chilli paste and fried in hot oil. A delicious snack for the road.

Ho mok pla: Chilli paste, onions, garlic and shrimp paste is placed on a basis of cabbage and basil leaves. Fillets of  fish (pla chon) and soya sauce are added. All this is put in a small container made of banana leaves and cooked in coconut milk for about fifteen minutes. It tastes even better than you can imagine!
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