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Phang Nga Town

Destination: PhangNga

The wonderful nature adventure Province -- just waking up

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The provincial capital of Phang Nga extends six kilometres from north to south along Highway H4.
Phang Nga is located 84 km from Krabi, 92 km from Phuket and 57 km from Khao Lak.

Only a few years ago Phang Nga was a sleepy small town without atmosphere set amidst a breathtakingly beautiful rocky landscape. Travellers only stayed for a few hours to go by boat to the world famous Bay of Phang Nga. Just one restaurant was situated in the city center which was mentioned in all guide books.

Today Phang Nga has awakened from its slumber. In the city center along H4 many popular restaurants are right next to each other, old folks have a chat in the coffeeshops, several bakeries sell delicious breads and cakes, a Big C Market with many foodstalls and a well-assorted book store has recently opened and - last not least - the town boasts with several friendly and creative guesthouses which invite you to stay.

The Lak Muang located at the northern end of Phang Nga

The karst rocky landscape with its looming rock towers invites you for tours on land and on water. It is very easy to visit the hongs by boat. These rocky hollows can only be entered through a narrow cave using sea kayaks. Furthermore, tours are offered with comfortable modern boats through the mangroves and rocks, thus providing a unique natural experience. Renting a motorcycle is a great way to explore this fantastic rocky landscape adorned with many natural wonders.

The Viewpoint at Chedi Wat Thamtapan
Chedi Wat Thamtapan - Attractions
Chedi Wat Thamtapan (เจดีย์วัด ถ้ำตะพาน) (PhangNga)

The Chedi above Wat Thamtapan affords a panoramic view of Phang Nga Town and the limestone rocks in the environs. This extraordinary panorama shows that Phang Nga Town is located in one of the most beautiful locations of all provincial capitals of Thailand.

The steps up to the chedi were for years the favourite toilet of the local monkeys. Therefore tourists rarely visited this exceptional viewpoint. It seems that most of the monkeys live somewhere else now so that the climb up to the chedi is really rewarding.

The chedi with its slender spire towers above Wat Thampapan in the west of Phang Nga Town.

The chedi with its slender spire towers above Wat Thampapan in the west of Phang Nga Town.

Chedi Khao Lang Bart
Chedi Khao Lang Bart (เจดีย์เขาล้างบาตร) (PhangNga)

The Chedi Khao Lang Bart is a National Monument above Phang Nga Town.

The observation point is small, merely a narrow walkway around the chedi itself. Ascending requires climbing 122 steep steps. From here you can see most of the city; the view is partially obscured by tree branches.
The signboard by the Fine Arts Department reads:
"The stupa was built of brick and mortar. It is small in size on a square base with redented corners, decorated with a lotus petal design at the base. The stupa itself is on top of a large limestone rock. The bell-shaped portion rises over a vertically diminishing base, with a spire on top. This national monument was originally built from late Ayutthaya to Bangkok period, 18th - 19th centuries."

The Chedi Khao Lang Bart is located on the western edge of the city, on a high point in Phang Nga Town.

The Chedi Khao Lang Bart is located on the western edge of the city, on a high point in Phang Nga Town.

Phang Nga's Landmark: a Mountain in the Shape of an Elephant
Khao Chang - Attractions
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Khao Chang (เขาช้าง) (PhangNga)

Khao Chang (elephant mountain), a limestone mountain about 500 meters in height, is considered a symbol of Phang Nga. Its shape resembles a large crouching elephant with its head turned to the southwest. Inside the mountain is a dark, long cave, named Tham Peung Chang, which is full of stalactites and stalagmites.
Khao Chang is located behind the old City Hall in the south of Phang Nga Town.

Near the Southern End of Phang Nga Town
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Tham Peung Chang - Attractions
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Srinakarin Park - Attractions
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Video of Tham Peung Chang

Tham Peung Chang

Phang Nga Thailand

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