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Traveling with too much luggage can be a burden therefore bring as little as possible. Additional clothing, if needed, can always be bought on the way.
T-shirts and shoes are inexpensive, but it has to be mentioned that shoes from size 10 upwards are quite rare and will cost the same as in Europe. You can buy tailored trousers for approximately 300Baht upwards.

Almost every hotel provides towels so just bring two spare ones. Mosquito nets are available in many hotels and
guest houses and will be given on request.
It doesn't matter if you travel with a backpack, a travel bag or a suitcase: we always recommend to bring a spacious shoulder bag or a day pack. It is useful for short trips. Your main luggage can be also deposited in most hotels and even for a longer periods of time. They may charge a small fee.
The following listings are confined to certain items which according to our experience are absolutely necessary to be included in your luggage. Obviously, items such as socks, soap and sun cream are not included.

Extra pair of glasses/sun glasses:
Cushion: A light inflatable cushion to sit or lean on for long journeys by bus or boat.
Toilet paper: Only very few toilets have toilet paper.
Mosquito net: A mosquito net is recommended if you travel to remote areas. Mosquito nets provided in simple accommodations are usually quite small and may be holed. In most cases they can be fixed easily with Scotch tape. You can also use mosquito coils which are available in many shops.

Lock: In some hotels or rooms you can use a padlock to additionally secure your room.
Snorkel/Goggles: There are many beautiful sights under water.
Torch or lamp: Not everywhere has electricity. And even if there is, be prepared as there can be occasional power failures.
A rechargeable torch is very useful.
Pocket knife: Multi tool. For example a genuine red Swiss army pocket knife.
Rain protection: Plastic coat or poncho which gives protection from the cold as well.
First aid travel kid: See at Ā»Travel preparationĀ«: Health care.
Alarm clock: Some buses leave early in the morning.
Sleeping bag: In some hotels or guest houses a sleeping bag might be more comfortable to sleep on. Or just a bed sheet will be sufficient.
Sewing kit: To sew on a button is very quick. To find a needle and thread takes usually much more time.
Plastic string: Useful for hanging laundry and to fix the mosquito net.
Plastic bags: Various sizes. For dirty clothes and to keep dry when traveling by boat, to protect your camera, money and
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