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Taxis used for local transportation in cities can only be found in greater Bangkok and in some tourist destinations such as Ko Samui. They are all equipped with air-conditioning. The taxis usually are available with taximeter, so better ask for it. The fixed fare starts with 30 Baht, the whole fare should be asked in advance. Inexperienced tourists sometimes may pay a fare that is much too expensive, especially for an airport taxi. Most taxi drivers do not speak any English.
Starting from Bangkok you can use these taxis to go to almost any destination in Thailand. The fare for the journey, however, should be negotiated before departure.
Motorcycled Taxis

A normal motorcycle that can take up to two passengers to any destination. Usually it is easy to recognize the drivers by their vests with numbers. The fare is quite cheap, but it has to be negotiated before. It looks pretty dangerous while driving in the city traffic, especially when women sitting free-handed in a horizontal position on the back. Used in many cities, on islands and in rural areas.
Long Distance Taxis

Starting from Malaysia the long distance taxi system has expanded to southern Thailand. In the meantime there is a connection between Phuket and Surat Thani. These share taxis sometimes are old Mercedes Benz 190 or 200 and they serve on a route between two cities. They compete very well with buses as they are much faster and the fare is only slightly higher.

The taxis leave when there are six passengers inside the car: two in front (plus the driver) and four people on the back seat.  For those who like to have more space or who are in a hurry it is possible to rent the car and pay for the other empty seats as well. Naturally, the departure for such a trip is immediately!
The fare is fixed – there is no need for bargaining – and it is applied for the route from a destination A to B. Even those who get off before reaching the final destination will pay the full price.
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