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Destination: Krabi

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Krabi province with its capital Krabi Town attracts many travellers. Not only the beaches attract tourists, but also the spectacular landscape. The unique limestone formations, caves, waterfalls, lush tropical rainforests and the coral reefs of the Andaman Sea are a 'Must' for every Thailand traveller.

About 25.000 - 35.000 years ago people inhabited the caves in the province of Krabi. Long Rongrien Cave, located 15 km north of Krabi Town is maybe one of the oldest settlements in Asia. It was discovered in 1982. Archaeologists keep finding caves with ancient paintings, tools, pearls, earrings and human bones.
At the end of the last ice age, approximately 9000 years ago, the sea level was much lower than it is today. The pre-historic people of Krabi settled at the embankments and added mussels and cockles to their diet. The remaining shells can still be found today.
2000-3000 years ago the people living in caves  painted the walls with black and ochre colours. The paintings mainly show scenes of humans and animals. Since the 5th century (AD) a sea trading post existed in Klong Thom. Merchants from India, China, and  later from Europe traded goods there.
In the 1980s excavations have revealed seals, pearls and bronze mirrors of the Chinese Han Dynasty. Many of these items can be admired at Wat Klong Thom Museum in Klong Thom.
In the mid 1980s the first travellers came to explore the province of Krabi and discovered beautiful white sandy beaches over-towered by spectacular lime stone formations.
Simple bamboo huts was their accommodation. Word spread incredibly fast  and Krabi attracted more and more travellers.

The locals built more and more huts along the main beaches.

In the 1990s  most of these huts gave way to concrete bungalow sites and guest houses. The quality of the guest houses and bungalow sites has improved more and more. Even four and five star luxury resorts opened their doors along the main beaches on the mainland and likewise on Ko Lanta.
Package tours to the province of Krabi are very popular amongst Scandinavians. With mass tourism the
'Robinson Crusoe travellers feeling' has disappeared but unspoilt and secluded beaches can still be found.
The beaches south of Krabi between Trang and Satun are mostly shallow. Thais like to walk far into the sea and collect cockles at low tide.

Western tourists are not attracted by these beaches. However, some of the islands there offer simple bungalows and undamaged coral reefs.

Photo by Daniel Sasse
The best time to travel to Krabi and the southern Andaman Coast is between November and April. During May and August scattered thunder showers may interrupt the mostly sunny days and also during the monsoon season from September to November the weather is often sunny and it does not rain for many days. Especially on the islands strong winds occur and boat trips are limited due to high waves.
In Krabi Province about 60 % of the population are Muslim. The minarets of Mosques dominate the landscape rather than golden temples and the muezzin can be heard five times a day, this gives the region an almost oriental charm.

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