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Budget Accommodation


Guesthouses are more or less family hostels and most often the least expensive accommodation. The rooms usually are small and simply furnished and except a fan there is no comfort at all. There usually are shared showers and toilets. The room rates start from 100 Baht per night.
In recent years, especially in some cities, new types of hotel accommodation were established that are called “Guesthouses” as well. However, besides the relaxed atmosphere, they offer the same comfort like budget or middle class hotels. In this travel guide we call them “Small Hotel”.
Huts and Bungalows

The romantic bamboo huts on the beaches of Ko Phangan, Ko Tao, Ko Lanta, Ko Phayam or Ko Chang are spartan furnished and normally cheaper than most of the inexpensive Thai hotels. They are equipped with a thin mattress and a mosquito net. When the resorts generate their own electricity, the light will usually stop at 10 or 11 pm. Therefore a good torch light is important in order to go to the bathroom. Generally, the rate mentioned is for two persons.
The price for wooden bungalows is slightly higher, simply furnished with two beds, fan, shower and toilet. The most expensive ones are concrete bungalows, comfortably equipped with one or two large beds, seating, air-conditioning, TV, telephone, shower/bathtub and toilet.

The most simple huts on Ko Phangan cost 100 Baht, on Ko Chang (Ranong Province) 200 Baht for the same standard, on Ko Phi Phi at least 180 Baht. In northern Thailand the cheapest huts with private bathroom cost from 100-150 Baht. In southern Thailand, depending on the location, between 120 and 250 Baht.
The price for concrete bungalows with glass windows and good mattresses start from 300 Baht. A more comfortable version with fan (in Thai: patlom) and furniture costs at least 400 Baht. Bungalows which are located in one of the main touristic areas such as Ko Phi Phi, White Sand Beach on Ko Chang, Klong Dao Beach on Ko Lanta or on beaches that are only frequented by Thais on the weekend cost a few hundred aht more for the same standard. Tourist bungalows with air-conditioning (AC) starting from 600 Baht (on Ko Samui 800 Baht).
The bungalow resorts – sometimes even guesthouses – usually offer hot and cold drinks and often there is an on-site restaurant with Thai and western food as well. It is recommended to bring your own lock or a backpack with a lock, in order to reduce the risk of theft, especially in dormitories.

Some resorts and restaurants are not equipped with a proper waste water system. This has led to some complaints of travelers to the management. However, it is better to give an advice to the people in charge about environmentally friendly technologies such as certain plants or organisms (they are also available in Thailand at low costs) for recycling of waste water. Maybe this can trigger a change of mindset.
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