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National Park Bungalows

Accommodation in National Parks

87 out of 148 national parks in Thailand ( are offering accommodation in bungalows or tents. Reservation via internet can be made up to 60 days in advance at, however the room rate must be paid at Krung Thai Bank within five days.
Rooms are bare and only equipped with mattresses, but spacious and also quite expensive (from 200 to 1000 Baht), in addition there is an entrance fee of 200 Baht per person. For that reason, up to 10 people can sleep on mattresses in a bungalow - not unusual at all, as Thai people often travel in groups. In some of the national parks, if you travel alone or in pairs, you can try to negotiate the rate for a large bungalow to about 100 to 200 Baht per person.
The arrival of a Farang in one of the less frequented parks can become a great event and may cause the staff to be very busy. Solo male travelers have the advantage to stay in the private accommodation of the park rangers for a little amount of money.
In some national parks it is possible to sleep in tents, for example on Similan Islands no. 4 and no. 8 and at two beaches on Ko Surin.
Tourist Centers are available in many national parks. They provide a small library, an information section and an exhibition about the places of interest in the park (open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm). There should be at least one English speaking ranger who can serve foreign tourists. This ranger is equipped with first-aid supplies and an emergency transmitter.
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