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Thai Silk

According to discoveries made during excavations in Ban Chiang near Udon Thani, silk was woven a long time before Thais even settled there. Therefore, the fabrication of silk is deeply rooted in Thailand's history. For many centuries rice farmers in the northeast used to weave silk when waiting for the rice crops in order to have an additional income. 
The American Jim Thompson – he had already become a legend during his lifetime. In 1967 he mysteriously disappeared in Malaysia. He was responsible for technical changes and modifications (for example the use of synthetic colors) regarding silk production in the forties and fifties. Since then Thai silk is in much demand worldwide.
Silk, the material to fall in love with, is offered at very reasonable prices in Thailand in three different qualities:
The best is export quality. There is fine shiny silk (for dresses or shirts), soft raw silk (for jackets, trousers and so on) and coarse heavy raw silk (for furniture, curtains). Silk is mainly produced in northern and northeastern Thailand, however the largest choice of color and patterns are found in Bangkok's shops and are good value.
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