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Tailors and Clothing Shops

Most shops selling silk offer very reasonably priced tailor-made shirts, trousers, suits, dresses, blouses and costumes which are made ready in just a few days. These tailor shops, obviously under Indian control, do not only manufacture silk but other fabrics as well (for example cotton “Made in Thailand”,  and very good quality).
Particularly close to  big hotels in Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai, many tailors are accustomed to foreigners. You can quietly look in the latest fashion magazines and catalogs and choose your perfect outfit.
There are many advertisements for tailors shops in magazines or brochures offering incredible prices. This is certainly not recommended! Maybe with your first sneeze the seams may burst and the buttons fall off. Also in Thailand, quality has its price. You can get information about grade and quality of the material and workmanship by checking the already tailor-made clothes hanging for display in the shops.  

People below 1,80 m height find a large choice of ready made clothes in department stores. Famous brand jeans are a real bargain; they can be immediately modified for you for a little extra money.
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