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Imitation Products

Cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai are highly frequented by tourists and many street vendors sell faked designer goods. Caused by the vanity of foreign tourists this branch of business has become well established. Thai people look at it  with a smile without comprehending it.

Popular Offerings are watches from Rolex, Cartier, Piaget, Omega, Ebel and many others. T-shirts and polo shirts, shirts and jumpers labeled with famous brands such as Billabong, Lacoste, Boss, Benetton, Calvin Klein, Adidas or Nike. Furthermore there are Gucci, Yves-Saint Laurent and MCM wallets, travel bags and suitcases available in many sizes. All are faked designer products, but  the quality can be good.
Western companies concerned try to fight against the copy industry, pointing out the protection of trademarks in order to convince the government to stop this modern piracy. However, a strict ban would cost too many jobs in Thailand...

The business of pirating music CDs and DVDs, offered by street vendors is flourishing too. Unfortunately, the quality is not always good. They are sold in department stores as well, with the price being a little higher, but the quality is much better. European customs officers are usually easy going, when you have bought a small quantity of faked goods. However, if you enter your country with a few dozen of them, you could face difficulties – this is just a hint.
Endangered Species Products

In March 1973 the “Washington Endangered Species Agreement” was signed in the American capital; now all European nations have joined it. The goal of this agreement lies in the control of the worldwide trade of endangered animals and plants in order to prevent an excessive exploitation or even a complete extinction.

You better scratch certain items from your shopping list such as bags, shoes or belts made of crocodile leather or snake skin as well as carved ivory figures, stuffed exotic animals and rare orchids. All these products will be confiscated if discovered by European customs officers. Even dubious certificates of export issued by clever salesmen to foreign customers are useless. These certificates are absolutely worthless! Latest information on the endangered species list can be obtained by the WWF.
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