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Ko Lanta

Destination: KoLanta

Discover a diversity of beaches on one island

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The large and hilly island of Ko Lanta Yai is mostly referred to as Ko Lanta. Ko Lanta is 27 kms long and 15 kms wide.  60% of the island is  still overgrown with forest and at the Southern tip a National Park including 15 surrounding islands was established in 1990.
The name Ko Lanta derives from the ancient sea gypsies of whom some tribes still live on the island. Many Muslim fishermen inhabit the island and about 5% Thai Chinese ethnics. Altogether about 20.000 inhabitants. Tourism is the main source of income on the island.

A road leads from Ban Saladan in the North along the East coast of the island to the village Lanta Old Town, also called Lanta Pier. The East Coast is shallow and not suitable for swimming in the ocean, but worth to drive along.

Another road leads along the West Coast of Ko Lanta down to the National Park at the southernmost tip of the island.
The hills in the center of the island rise to a height of 488 meters. Two roads cross through the mountains so it is possible to take a round trip from the East to the West coast of Ko Lanta. From a view point at the top of the hill you can see the East coast and its islands.
Ko Lanta's West Coast has many bays and beaches, each very different from one another. Some with white sand, others rocky; some steep, some shallow.

Ko Lanta was discovered by travellers in the 1980s. During the last couple of years the island has been developed from North to South. More and more resorts with swimming pools have been built and  basic bungalows can only be found at Klong Khong Beach and further down at the Southern beaches.
So if you want the more backpacky atmosphere, make sure you stay on one of the Southern beaches.

During High Season from December to February the prices double and it is advisable to book in advance. November, March and April are the best times to travel to Ko Lanta.
A lot of places are closed during the monsoon season from May to October. The dive schools are closed and swimming in the sea is dangerous due to strong winds and high tides. Klong Dao Beach and Kantiang Bay usually offer good swimming conditions year round.

Just a handful of my favourite places to stay on Ko Lanta
Ban Saladan
Three Star Hotel
Lanta All Seasons Beach Resort - Accommodation
38 rooms  from 3,000 to 4,000 Baht
Tel.: 075-668299 or 075-668300-02
Not Rated
Lanta All Seasons Beach Resort (ลันตาออลล์ซีซันบีช รีสอร์ท) (BanSaladan)
Rates: 3,000 to 4,000 Baht

Lanta All Seasons Resort is located in Ban Saladan at the ocean. The rooms offer aircon, hot water, tea and coffee making facilities, fridge, minibar and safety boxes. The pool overlooks the ocean. The restaurant at Lanta All Seasons Resort offers Thai and international cuisine.

303 Moo 1, Saladan, Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-668299 or 075-668300-02 - Fax.: 075-668303

Lanta Harmony House - Accommodation
Tel.: 0881793419
Lanta Harmony House (BanSaladan)

Lanta Harmony House opened in 2012. The nicely decorated rooms are built over the water in the center of Ban Saladan. Kai, the friendly owner makes your stay a memorable one. The rooms all come with aircon, hot shower, fridge and TV.

Moo 1 Ban Saladan Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150
Tel.: 0881793419

Klong Dao - Ko Kwang
Twin Bay Resort and Spa - Accommodation
40 rooms  from 3,000 to 6,000 Baht
Tel.: 075-684477 or 075-668277
Twin Bay Resort and Spa (ทวินเบย์ รีสอร์ท แอนด์สปา) (KawKwang)
Rates: 3,000 to 6,000 Baht

Twin Bay Resort located at Kaw Kwang Bay is an ideal place if you look for tranquillity. The rooms are nicely furnished with many wooden elements and all come with TV, fridge, hot water and aircon. Family rooms can also be booked. The small restaurant offers Thai and European dishes overlooking the ocean.

410 Mu 1, Hat Kaw Kwang, Ko Lanta Yai, Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-684477 or 075-668277 - Fax.: 075-668276

Klong Dao Beach Resort - Accommodation
40 rooms  from 1,000 to 2,000 Baht
Tel.: 075-684901-2 or 075-684151
Klong Dao Beach Resort (คลองดาวบีช รีสอร์ท) (KlongDaoBeach)
Rates: 1,000 to 2,000 Baht

Klong Dao Beach Bungalow is a Bungalow site situated on a big plot of land right on the beach. The bungalows come either with fan and hot shower or with aircon, hot shower and fridge. The Restaurant at Klong Dao Beach Resort includes a mini market as well. Klong Dao Beach Bungalow is mostly frequented by German customers. Very good value for money.

39 Moo 3, Saladan, Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-684901-2 or 075-684151 - Fax.: 075-684903

Pra Ae - Long Beach
Lanta Marina Resort - Accommodation
13 rooms  from 500 to 1,000 Baht
Tel.: 081-6774522 or 081-5370900
Lanta Marina Resort (ลันตา มารีน่า รีสอร์ท) (PhraAe (LongBeach))
Rates: 500 to 1,000 Baht

Lanta Marina is one of the last rustic bungalow sites that are hard to find on Ko Lanta these days. The cozy bungalows are built from bamboo and teak wood and the roofs are made from palm leaves. Each bungalow comes with mosquito net and en-suite bathroom. The restaurant at Lanta Marina offers fresh seafood and buys the vegetables from the local farmers.

147, Moo 2, Phra Ae, Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150
Tel.: 081-6774522 or 081-5370900 - Fax.: 075-684168

Relax Bay Resort - Accommodation
42 rooms  from 1,400 to 3,800 Baht
Tel.: 075-684194 or 075-684430
Relax Bay Resort (รีแล็กซ์เบย์ รีสอร์ท) (PhraAe (LongBeach))
Rates: 1,400 to 3,800 Baht

Relax Bay is a cozy bungalow site with detached bungalows situated at a small private bay. The bungalows are built on a hill that opens towards the sea. You can choose between aircon or fan bungalows. The restaurant at Relax Bay offers Thai and French cuisine overlooking the Andaman Sea. The beach bar with its nice salas invites you to watch the sunset or just relax and listen to the waves. At Relax Bay Resort you can really relax, either on the beach, at the pool-site or in a hammock on the veranda of your bungalow.

111 Moo 2, Ao Phra Ae, Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-684194 or 075-684430 - Fax.: 075-684196

Klong Khong
Nice and Easy House - Accommodation
8 rooms  from 1,500 to 2,500 Baht
Tel.: 086-89112764 or 075-667105
Nice and Easy House (ไนซ์ แอนด์อีซี่ เฮาส์) (KlongKhongBeach)
Rates: 1,500 to 2,500 Baht

Nice and Easy Bungalows are the most unique accommodation on Klong Khong Beach. The 8 bungalows are made from teak wood and are nicely furnished. They all come with aircon and hot shower in an open air bathroom. The verandas are big and as there are only 8 bungalows it is a nice and cozy place to chill out.

Hat Klong Khong Ko Lanta Krabi
Tel.: 086-89112764 or 075-667105 - Fax.: 075-684799

Moonlight Exotic Bay Resort - Accommodation
30 rooms  from 2,400 to 7,500 Baht
Tel.: 075-662590-1
Moonlight Exotic Bay Resort (มูนไลท์ เอ็กซ์โซติก เบย์ รีสอร์ท) (KlongKhongBeach)
Rates: 2,400 to 7,500 Baht

Moonlight Bay Resort & Spa is sat in a small bay between Klong Khong and Klong Nin at Klong Toab Beach. The 30 different wooden bungalows or rather cottages seem rustic from the outside, but each cottage is equipped with aircon, private bathroom, private balcony, refrigerator, hot and cold shower, internal telephone, TV, free drinking water, a full set of bathroom amenities and coffee/tea makers. The restaurant and the pool overlook the private beach. Being mobile is an asset.

69 Moo 8, Ban Klongtob, Ko Lanta Yai, Lanta Island, Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-662590-1 - Fax.: 075-662594

Ban Kantiang
Lanta Marine Park View Resort - Accommodation
30 rooms  from 400 to 2,400 Baht
Tel.: 081-3970793 or 075-665063,65
Lanta Marine Park View Resort (ลันตา มารีน ปาร์ควิ ว รีสอร์ท) (KantiangBay)
Rates: 400 to 2,400 Baht

Lanta Marine Park View Resort features aircon and fan bungalows offering a lovely view over Kantiang Bay. The aircon bungalows are also equipped with a fridge and warm water. The bamboo bungalows are more basic. From the cliff top Restaurant the view is stunning.

58 Moo 5, Hat Kantiang Ko Lanta Krabi 81150
Tel.: 081-3970793 or 075-665063,65 - Fax.: 075-665064

The Houben Hotel - Accommodation
15 rooms  from 4,500 to 6,500 Baht
Tel.: 075-665114
The Houben Hotel (โรงแรมเดอะฮาวเบ็น) (KantiangBay)
Rates: 4,500 to 6,500 Baht

The Houben opened in the winter of 2010. It is an extraordinary building of modern architecture high on the cliffs above the Andaman Sea. The Van Houben pampers its guests. One of the Highlights is a red tiled swimming pool. It is an asset being mobile whilst staying here though shuttle services to the beach are offered.

272 Moo 5, Ko Lanta Yai, Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-665114 - Fax.: 075-665133

Klong Nin
The Narima - Accommodation
30 rooms  from 2,300 to 3,700 Baht
Tel.: 075-607700 or 089-8662622
The Narima (นาริมา) (KlongNinBeach)
Rates: 2,300 to 3,700 Baht

The Narima is located between Klong Tob and Klong Nin. The detached bungalows are spread out on the hill in a jungle-like garden from the private beach up to the main road. They all feature aircon, hot shower, fridge and ceiling Fan. They are built from bamboo and wood. All bungalows at The Narima have great views of Koh Ha. The Restaurant offers Thai and Western Food and is a nice place to chill out for the sunset or just relax on your spacious veranda. Being Mobile is an asset. The Tour Counter will help you make arrangements for motorbikes or cars.

98 Moo 5 Klong Nin Beach Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-607700 or 089-8662622

Fevrier Resort - Accommodation
12 rooms  from 1,200 to 2,400 Baht
Tel.: 075-662618
Fevrier Resort (เฟวเอรีสอร์ท) (KlongNinBeach)
Rates: 1,200 to 2,400 Baht

Fevrier Resort is a neat bungalow site about 50 meters from the beach across the road. The bungalows on the right side are concrete and semi-detached thus can be easily turned into family rooms. The bungalows on the left side of the garden are made from wood built in Lanna Style. All rooms at the Fevrier Resort offer hot shower, aircon and fridge. The friendly owner has good English and organises tours and rents motorbikes. The small restaurant offers breakfast.

Klong Nin Beach Ko Lanta Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-662618

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