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Safety Concerns

Thailand is regarded as a very safe Asian travel destination. But, even then, nobody should act like being in the Bank of England – if this is a safe place! Carelessness has its consequences, in Thailand as well. That is why it is important to take good care of all your valuables and if avoidable, it is better not to show them to anybody. You will have the image of the rich foreigner anyway, even if you are not really wealthy in your own country and you had to save up the money for your trip for a long time.
Showing off equals provocation. If tourists place their packs of Baht on the table in bars or restaurants or just throw around with their notes they can easily become a target of small or big criminals in Bangkok – it is the same as in London or Manhattan.
Tips to  prevent loss:
     Money belongs in the front pocket of your trousers or skirt! It neither can slip out easily nor can it be taken out by pickpockets. 

     Never lose sight of your credit card when paying. It already happened that another blank receipt was quickly pulled through the machine additionally to the actual sales slip and so the swindler settles then another fictitious transaction.
Never leave your shoulder bag or camera bag without “any contact”. In a restaurant for instance, you can put one leg through the loop.
     Avoid dark alleys at night. Especially after a couple of beers or some glasses Mekhong whiskey!
     Pay the taxi driver only after handing back all your luggage.
If possible, leave your valuables in the hotel safe (see also under Accommodation). Or you can rent a safety deposit box. This is recommended when leaving tickets, documents, travel checks, jewelry etc. for a longer period of time. Banks are closed on public holidays! Important information for your departure (see chapter “Bangkok”: Banks, money and credit cards)

     Do not give the name of your hotel and especially not your room number to any person asking for it for no reason. If necessary, spontaneously tell a wrong address.

     Before you check out of your hotel room check thoroughly for your belongings. If you forgot anything, even it cannot be stolen anymore, it usually will disappear as well.
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