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Female Travelers

Compared to other Asian countries such as India or Indonesia, most women may get the impression that Thailand is a very safe and comfortable tourist destination. Thais usually are not obtrusive. Traditionally they act reserved and polite – especially towards foreign women. The questions such as “What's your name?” and “Where are you going?” are often asked in good school English. They are expressed to show friendliness, but not as an approach. The Thai question: “Bai nai?” means “How are you?” as well as “Where are you going?”. It will be useful to stand by some polite answers for some stereotype questions. Thai people will appreciate that very much.
It is best to ignore obtrusive and drunk Thai men. False friendliness can easily be wrongly interpreted and could encourage the men to come closer. If you enter a restaurant and a group of men sit there and getting drunk, it is definitely not a good idea to sit at the table next to them. The better decision might be to go to another restaurant. Sexual harassment from Thai men happens very, very rarely. Without alcohol, provoking attitude, extreme naivety or carelessness they could be mostly avoided. If a woman wears a look-through or low-necked shirt in public, she is looked upon as an “easy girl” and is treated similarly by Thai men.
Tip: Hotel rooms with thin walls can be used for peeping. You better check “suitable” places on the wall first.
As a reminder: Do not accept cigarettes, sweets, food or drinks especially during a bus or train ride from extremely friendly strangers. They might be prepared with so-called k.o.-drops. Be aware!
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