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The Thai nightlife has been well established long before tourism started. There are nightclubs, bars and massage parlors in the countryside where foreigners are never or very rarely seen.
In several cities such as Bangkok or Pattaya, however, it is true that tourism has contributed to a large expansion regarding night life, clubs and prostitution. Many bars and some large nightclubs offer music and/or show programs in the evenings. The customers either pay an entrance fee or higher prices for drinks. It is advisable to ask always in advance for the prices. The same applies for more expensive clubs when the waiter brings a charming hostess for entertainment to the table. It is not unusual to pay a couple of hundred Baht for the conversation with the lady. The service girls who work in the bars like to be invited for a so-called ladies drink. The bar as well as the lady make profit in this way. If a girl wants to leave the bar before the closing time, the cashier asks for money, the illegal bar-fine. Freelance prostitutes look for customers on the streets, in beer gardens, discos or on the beaches.
If someone cannot resist the temptation it is absolutely necessary to use a condom – Thai slang: “meechai” - for protection in order to prevent a possible infection with a venereal disease (short VD). If people get infected they can be treated in one of the numerous VD clinics. These clinics advertise as well in the daily newspapers Bangkok Post and The Nation and in various tourist magazines.
Topic Aids: Is there Aids in Thailand? Yes! However, due to a lack of trustworthy statistics the real number of infected people can only be estimated. Health experts assume that there are about one million Thai people carrying the HIV virus. For about 60.000 of them the infection has already led to Aids. Regarding the so-called “sex workers” there is an estimated 17 % who are HIV positive that means every sixth person. In northern Thailand even 40 %.
It is hard to say if these numbers are higher or lower in reality. In any case – they should make you think.
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