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Likewise to other countries the guest is free to decide whether to give tips or not. If you stay for a couple of days in a hotel, it will be appropriate to give 20 Baht or more to the chamber maid. The room boy who brings the luggage to the room, should be “rewarded” as well. Service personal are always happy to receive tips even when the service charge is mentioned on the bill. Often this service charge is kept in a common box and it will be shared later together with the kitchen staff and the cashier. If you were content with the service you received it is recommended to give about 5 % of the bill for tips (but not below 5 Baht).
Some tuk-tuk or taxi drivers might almost “force” you to give tips when telling you that they do not have change. However, if it was a good and correct driver the passenger should round up the fare, for example from 90 to 100 Baht.
A new regulation as in other countries requests all restaurants to show "net" prices in their menu which include the tax and service charge. So the customer does not see any more that a 10% service charge is already added to the meal prices.
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