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Ban Krut - a fishing village with sandy beaches

Destination: BanKrut

The Ban Krut beaches are still among the best kept secrets of Thailand

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The fishing village Ban Krut is located on the foot of the mountain with the new modern temple on the top and the golden Buddha statue facing south. Here you can find many colorfully painted boats.
Wat Don Samran
Temple is situated in a coconut grove behind the village; if you like to go to the beach your best option is to turn off right here at the temple.

There are several nice beach restaurants where you can even find English menus and beautiful, attractive and reasonably priced bungalow resorts located in a residential area. If you continue on the small concrete road which runs along this fantastic beach, there are five expensive beach resorts at the land side of the road. 
If your idea is to stay near the village with its restaurants and fishing folk, please click at Ban Krut Beach.
The beach to the north of Thong Chai Hill is called Thang Sai Beach. Besides the resort buildings no village is near this beach.
If you like more information about these lonely resorts, please click at Thang Sai Beach.

Resorts and Hotels of Ban Krut by alphabet

Ban Grood Arcadia Resort and Spa - Accommodation
 from 2,000 to 15,000 Baht
Tel.: 032-695452-3 or 032-695095
Ban Grood Arcadia Resort and Spa (บ้านกรูด อาเคเดีย รีสอร์ท แอนด์ สปา) (BanKrut)
Rates: 2,000 to 15,000 Baht

Ban Grood Arcadia Resort & Spa is the large, modern and very stylish resort with a beautiful pool and Jacuzzi on the beach, mini gym, laundry service, WLAN, expensive restaurant and beach chairs. From “simple” standard rooms to luxury or family villas for up to 6 people you can make your own choice, everything is available here. During low season, the room rates drop nearly 50 %.

This newly opened resort and spa, situated on nearly six acres of pristine tropical surroundings, is focused on harmony and peace for families that seek stylish relaxation. A traditional Thai style decorative theme graces each of the accommodation options, accented by handcrafted wood furnishings and alluring garden views. For families, two-story, three bedroom homes with living and dining rooms, as well as locations adjacent to the 30-meter swimming pool, are available. And topping off the resort experience is the top-notch Arcadia Kitchen.

333/2 Moo 3, Thong Chai, Ban Krut, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 032-695452-3 or 032-695095 - Fax.: 032-695101

Ban Krut Resort - Accommodation
 from 800 to 1,200 Baht
Tel.: 032-695076 or 081-4211186
8 rooms  from 1,200 to 4,500 Baht
Tel.: 081-4211293 or 081-1910965
Ban Leab-Natee (บ้านเลียบ นที) (BanKrut)
Rates: 1,200 to 4,500 Baht

Ban Leab-Natee is set in a beautiful and well tended garden. Four houses are under shady palm trees with a living area, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 2 terraces and a balcony. There are 4 bungalows with air conditioning which can sleep 3 people also. At Ban Leab-Natee coffee and tea is free. Monthly rent is from 8000 Baht. Bungalows 1200 Baht and the family houses 4500 Baht per night.

Ban Krut, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 081-4211293 or 081-1910965

Bankrut Green View - Accommodation
 from 800 to 3,000 Baht
Tel.: 032-695112 or 081-3787520
Bankrut Green View (บ้านกรูด กรีนวิว) (BanKrut)
Rates: 800 to 3,000 Baht

The former Baan Kaew Beach Resort changed it's name to Bankrut Green View and it offers a variety of different styles of accommodation; exclusive and high quality bungalows for families, rooms with air conditioning in a new building equipped with a large balcony, TV, hot water and fridge, bungalows in a row house with equivalent standards. Free pick up service, WLAN, nice beach restaurant with shady trees close to the road. The female manager at Bankrut Green View speaks good English and also offers long stay discounts. Breakfast is included in the room rate.

Timber bungalows 800-1000 Baht : Row house 1000-1200 Baht
Fan bungalow 1600-3000 Baht : Family room 2500-3000 Baht.

217 Moo 2, Thong Chai, Ban Krut, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 032-695112 or 081-3787520 - Fax.: 032-695482

 from 500 to 600 Baht
Tel.: 032-695045 ,278 or 081-9314887
Proud Thai Beach Resort - Accommodation
 from 700 to 1,000 Baht
Tel.: 032-695354 or 089-6824484
Proud Thai Beach Resort (พร้าวไทยบีช รีสอร์ท) (BanKrut)
Rates: 700 to 1,000 Baht

Proud Thai Beach Resort has two rows of beautiful concrete bungalows with wooden cladding, furnished with air conditioning, TV, fridge, hot water shower, twin beds (double beds are not available). During public holidays and school holidays, there is an extra charge of 300 Baht per night.

176/7 Moo 3, Ban Krut, Thong Chai, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 032-695354 or 089-6824484

Ruen Thalay Resort - Accommodation
3 rooms  from 800 to 2,800 Baht
Tel.: 032-695192 or 084-7559735
Salathai Beach Resort - Accommodation
 from 600 to 2,200 Baht
Tel.: 032-695181 or 087-0581379
Salathai Beach Resort (ศาลาไทยบีช รีสอร์ท) (BanKrut)
Rates: 600 to 2,200 Baht

Salathai Beach Resort has beautiful wooden bungalows in various sizes suitable for 2-6 people and set in a well-tended garden; partly shady. Standard furnishings with air conditioning, fridge, TV and hot water shower. Motorcycles and bicycles for rent. A room with karaoke equipment can be rented alao. During weekends and public holidays, there is an extra charge of 100 - 300 Baht on room rates (per night). Breakfast is included.
Mr. Sirayu phone no. 089-4767832

176/9 Thong Chai, Ban Krut, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 032-695181 or 087-0581379 - Fax.: 032-695182

Samoon Pai Resort - Accommodation
6 rooms  from 800 to 1,200 Baht
Tel.: 081-1136923 or 089-9141583
Samoon Pai Resort (สมุนไพร รีสอร์ท) (BanKrut)
Rates: 800 to 1,200 Baht

Samoon Pai Resort has 6 large, new and clean bungalows set in a beautiful flower garden. The Samoon Pai Resort's bungalows have stylish furnishings, air conditioning, TV, fridge and a hot water shower. There is a cozy bar and restaurant with Thai food. The female manager Jeep is very sociable and speaks good English. Discounts for a long stay and motorcycle rental is available. Samoon Pai Resort is 200 m from the beach. Locals usually visit here for its excellent massage therapists (Thai, foot, oil, herbal, steam and healing massage from 200 to 750 Baht). Traditional Thai massage is also taught here. The professional course (60 hours) costs 8000 Baht including examination fees and certificate; they offer courses for “foot reflexology” and “therapeutic healing massage” also which takes 150 hours to complete.
Bungalows for 800 Baht per night

175/1 Moo 3, Thong Chai, Ban Krut, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 081-1136923 or 089-9141583

20 rooms  from 4,000 to 5,100 Baht
Tel.: 032-602541 or 084-8015445
Sirarun Resort (สิรารัญ รีสอร์ท) (BanKrut)
Rates: 4,000 to 5,100 Baht

Sirarun Resort is designed for family vacations, with 20 units providing full facilities and stunning natural surroundings. The Sirarun Resort has a large pool and restaurant. Sirarun Resort can arrange activities such as kayaking, snorkeling or scuba diving. Cultural trips to nearby markets and other attractions or you can go by bicycle to explore the surroundings by yourself.

85 Moo 9, Angthong, Thap Sakae, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77130
Tel.: 032-602541 or 084-8015445 - Fax.: 032-602542

Sisina Resort & Spa - Accommodation
20 rooms  from 1,100 to 2,400 Baht
Tel.: 032-695355-6 or 086-9836333
Resorts of Ban Krut Beach
Baan Klang Aow Beach Resort - Accommodation
79 rooms  from 2,000 to 5,200 Baht
Tel.: 032-695086 or 032-695123
Banito Beach Resort - Accommodation
 from 1,300 to 5,600 Baht
Tel.: 032-695282
Banito Beach Resort (บานิโต้ บีช รีสอร์ท) (BanKrutBeach)
Rates: 1,300 to 5,600 Baht

Banito Beach Resort, this well maintained resort consists of pastel colored buildings, something between style and kitsch depending on individual taste; Two-storied luxury houses in bright colors with air conditioning, sterile motel-like rooms and several bungalows. Mini gym, free WLAN and breakfast. Long stay discounts. The pool is not very attractive.
Bungalows from 1300 Baht, Rooms from 2100 Baht per night.

283 Klang Ao Road, Moo 3, Ban Krut Beach, Thong Chai, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 032-695282 - Fax.: 032-695283

Keeree Waree Resort & Spa - Accommodation
40 rooms  from 3,000 to 10,000 Baht
Tel.: 032-695511
Keeree Waree Resort & Spa (คีรีวารี รีสอร์ท แอนด์ สปา) (BanKrutBeach)
Rates: 3,000 to 10,000 Baht

Keeree Waree Resort & Spa is a dreamlike luxury resort with ecological standard. It offers a choice of more than 40 beautiful wooden bungalows in various sizes and styles set in a well-tended garden, at the pool or with sea view. The most expensive villa costs 11000 Baht. Spa, sauna, massage or facial allows guests to pamper themselves. Eco-friendly products are of utmost importance - in the restaurant you can taste organic vegetables from the resort-owned garden and own caught fish, guests do have the opportunity to join for fishing. Furthermore, Wi-Fi, bicycles, taxi service, tours and many more services are available.

400 Moo 3, Ban Krut Beach, Thong Chai, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 032-695511 - Fax.: 032-695512

Rachavadee Bankrut Resort - Accommodation
 from 1,600 to 4,800 Baht
Tel.: 032-695155,177 or 089-8364498
Rachavadee Bankrut Resort (ราชาวดี บ้านกรูด รีสอร์ท) (BanKrutBeach)
Rates: 1,600 to 4,800 Baht

Rachavadee Bankrut Resort is an exclusive beach resort with pool and hammocks. Very good selection at the buffet breakfast. The Bungalows at the Rachavadee are luxurious. During long weekends (public holidays), the room rate includes dinner as well.
Price range from 1600 Baht

98/1 Moo 7, Thong Chai, Ban Krut Beach, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 032-695155,177 or 089-8364498 - Fax.: 032-695177

 from 1,200 to 2,400 Baht
Tel.: 032-695061
Ruenchai Seaview Resort (เรือนชัย ซีวิว รีสอร์ท) (BanKrutBeach)
Rates: 1,200 to 2,400 Baht

Ruenchai Seaview Resort has several bungalows and a good restaurant.
Many restaurants are close by as well.

Ban Krut Beach, Thong Chai, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 032-695061

Suan Ban Krut Beach Resort - Accommodation
70 rooms  from 1,200 to 6,700 Baht
Tel.: 032-695217 or 02-9604830-2
Suan Ban Krut Beach Resort (สวนบ้านกรูดบีช รีสอร์ท) (BanKrutBeach)
Rates: 1,200 to 6,700 Baht

The beautiful Suan Ban Krut Beach Resort, set in tropical greenery, is located 1 km south of the village. It features 48 rooms and 22 good sized concrete bungalows with wooden cladding in a palm garden far back from the road. All rooms are equipped with facilities such as air conditioning, TV, fridge, hot water shower, kettle and deck chairs. Breakfast is included in the room rate. There is also a restaurant with a terrace, which is located close to the road, a beautiful pool, a small library with English books, bicycles and WLAN for free. The manager Tui speaks very good English and he offers discount on room rates from one week upwards.
Double Room from 1200 Baht

278 Moo 3, Ban Krut Beach, Ban Krut, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 032-695217 or 02-9604830-2 - Fax.: 032-695403

Luxury Hotel
Tharnvara Beach Resort - Accommodation
 from 1,200 to 9,000 Baht
Tel.: 032-695362 or 080-2588544
Tharnvara Beach Resort (ธารวรา บีช รีสอร์ท) (BanKrutBeach)
Rates: 1,200 to 9,000 Baht

Tharnvara Beach Resort consists of luxury houses in various sizes with apartments featuring up to 7 rooms; sterile, pastel colored resort for up to 600 guests, unfamiliar and impersonal atmosphere. The rooms in the main building offer air conditioning, fridge, TV and hot water shower. However, many of them are gloomy and in need of renovation. The pool is very small and the hotel staff speaks very little English.
Double rooms from 1200 Baht, House 900 Baht

319 Moo 3, Ban Krut Beach, Thong Chai, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 032-695362 or 080-2588544 - Fax.: 032-695474

Resorts at Thang Sai Beach
Baan Montra Beach Resort - Accommodation
18 rooms  from 2,200 to 3,700 Baht
Tel.: 032-695294 or 089-5190770
Baan Montra Beach Resort+++ (บ้าน มนตรา บีช รีสอร์ท) (ThangSaiBeach)
Rates: 2,200 to 3,700 Baht

Baan Montra Beach is a newly built resort in a Morrocan/Mediterranean style; located well back from the road on it's own private and tranquil sandy beach. The two story white villas with roof terraces and a sea view are beautifully decorated and have all amenities. The Baan Montra Beach Resort has a pool with a waterfall and beach restaurant serving unusual and very delicious dishes. All rooms are equipped with king size beds, bathtub, hot water kettle and cable TV; the furnishings on the roof terrace include a pergola, wooden lounge suite and deck chairs. Free WLAN, pick up service from the railway and bus station, laundry service are available. There is a karaoke room which is efficiently sound proved. The breakfast buffet leaves nothing to be desired and it is included in the room rate. The only points of criticism, the rooms and villas are in close proximity to each other and the staff speaks only little English.
Poolside Villa 2200 Baht per night, Beachfront Villa 3700 Baht per night

333/1 Moo 3, Thang Sai, Ban Krut, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 032-695294 or 089-5190770 - Fax.: 032-695295

Bayview Beach Resort - Accommodation
37 rooms  from 1,400 to 3,600 Baht
Tel.: 032-695566-7 or 081-9223132
Bayview Beach Resort (เบย์วิว บีช รีสอร์ท) (ThangSaiBeach)
Rates: 1,400 to 3,600 Baht

The Bayview Beach Resort is beautiful and well-maintained, on the clean and very quiet Thang Sai Beach, quite a distance back from the road. Double bungalows with good furnishings, air conditioning, hot water shower, satellite TV and fridge. They are located around a small pool, in the flower garden and also on the beach. There are rooms with air conditioning and larger bungalows for families with two bedrooms and a living area. The open air restaurant is on the beach with a barbecue and the menu offers a large variety of dishes also. A fantastic buffet for breakfast is included in the room rate. Internet access is free and WLAN is available. You may make reservations for snorkeling and diving tours, bicycles are free, motorcycles and kayaks for rent, free pick up from the railway station. The Bayview Beach Resort is a nice family-run resort, Thai-Danish management. The two managers Aun and Lin speak English fluently, discounts on room rates during weekdays and low season. They organize very interesting trips free of charge such as a visit at a coconut farm or a coconut factory.

Standard Rooms from 1400 Baht, Deluxe Rooms from 3600 Baht per night

13 Moo 9, Ban Krut, Thang Sai, Tong Chai, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 032-695566-7 or 081-9223132 - Fax.: 032-695567

Kasemsuk Resort - Accommodation
 from 900 to 2,500 Baht
Tel.: 032-695179 or 081-9084829
Kasemsuk Resort (เกษมสุข รีสอร์ท) (ThangSaiBeach)
Rates: 900 to 2,500 Baht

Kasemsuk Resort is a small family run business, beautifully designed resort consisting of one main building, bungalows with air conditioning and spacious houses with timber cladding from palm trees. The bungalows at Kasemsuk are equipped with air conditioning, fridge and bathroom with hot water. The large rooms with sea view and balconies at the Kasemuk Resort are 1000 Baht per night, (Thai) breakfast included. The wooden beachfront bungalows are spacious also and they have a small veranda. Miss Ratanaa speaks English and the hotel staff are very friendly. Laundry service, motorcycle rental (300 Baht per day) and pick up service from the railway station (40 Baht).
Rooms from 900 Baht, bungalows 1200 - 1600 Baht, houses 2500 Baht per night
2nd phone no: 086-0395059

151 Moo 9, Thong Chai, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77190
Tel.: 032-695179 or 081-9084829 - Fax.: 032-695030

Lumra Resort - Accommodation
 from 600 to 1,200 Baht
Tel.: 081-6266769 or 081-8430706
Na Na Chart Ban Krut Resort - Accommodation
69 rooms  from 600 to 3,500 Baht
Tel.: 02-3916854
Na Na Chart Ban Krut Resort (นานาชาติ บ้านกรูด รีสอร์ท) (ThangSaiBeach)
Rates: 600 to 3,500 Baht

This relatively new hostel Na Na Chart Ban Krut Resort is located right on it's own sandy beach. Bungalows are roomy, well crafted, dark wood panelled concrete structures that house 2 to 4 people. Some are beachfront and others farther back which are smaller and close together. Each has an aircon bedroom and a private bathroom. There are also rooms in a 3-storey main building by the road that offer excellent sea views. Facilities at Na Na Chart Ban Krut Resort include a swimming pool, basketball court, playground and massage services.

123 Moo 9, Ban Krut, Kok Tahorm Road, Prachuap Khiri Khan
Tel.: 02-3916854

Ban Krut Beach - Attractions
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