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Bang Saphan

Destination: BangSaphan

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Some gorgeous Beach Scenery
76 km south of Prachuap, turn at KM 399 into H3169, after 10 km you reach the small town of Bang Saphan (also: Bang Saphan Yai).
A temple is built on a hill towering over the town. Nothing much exciting can be found in this place, but its surroundings offer some nice scenic attractions.
The amazingly beautiful bay Bo Thong Lang fascinates me on every visit:
Bo Thong Lang - Attractions
Bo Thong Lang (อ่าวบ่อทองหลาง -อี๊ด) (PrachuapKhiriKhan)

To reach the beautiful beaches situated north of the bungalow resorts of Bang Saphan you can drive on asphalt road passing the harbour. A large area has been fenced in and built up for the construction of a steel rolling mill. In only three years' time, a large harbour and the industrial plant have been completed.

It is worthwhile to take a 7 km tour to the small and pretty bay of Bo Thong Lang. Trees provide shade and you can enjoy a beautiful swim in the sea or climb the hill. On weekends and public holidays stalls offer delicious food and snacks.

Further north there is another round, almost closed bay that is suitable for swimming too. After 600 meters a large wooden pier for fishing boats juts out into the sea. A fish factory with several piers lies 400 meters behind.

Further Scenic Attractions
The two cave complex Nam Thip (go down behind the large Buddha statue) located behind Wat Tham Ma Rong and Phlerng Chit (just before turn right and go up the steep and slippery stairs), where you should donate 20 Baht for colorful lighting.
You may also visit the red cliffs further south, as well as the two small lakes and a hot spring.

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