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Destination: Pathio

An unspectacular Town with spectacular Beaches and Viewpoints

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The most beautiful beach of Pathio is called Bo Mao. There is a small road with hardly any traffic running along this long, broad beach. It is ideal for travellers who really appreciate quiet, nature and long lonely walks along the beach.

There are only a few bungalow resorts and restaurants at the beach of Pathio, all of them are relatively far apart from each other. 
Pathio district was severely hit by the typhoon “Gay” in 1989. Today there are no remains of the devastation of “Gay”. With financial support for reconstruction, the Airport of Chumphon was built between the town of Pathio and the sea. A small airline flies regularly from Bangkok to Chumphon and back. Times are such that the flights easily connect with the Lomprayah ferry.
A large Buddha Statue and a white chedi on the rocky Bang Son Hill overlook the small district capital Pathio.
In the town of Pathio you won’t find any accommodation, just a market, a few shops, and a couple of small restaurants.
The best thing to do is to rent a motorcycle or a bicycle, because you will look for a taxi or a tuk-tuk in vain.

Pathio was formerly spelled Pathiu, but nowadays most road signs read Pathio.

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