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The "other" Ko Chang

Destination: KoChang

The "other" Ko Chang is different -- peaceful and laid back

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This is the “other” Ko Chang – do not get confused with the larger Koh Chang in Trat Province near the border with Cambodia.
Ko Chang in Ranong Province is located close to the Burmese border (ideal for visa runs) and about 5 km off the mainland. This forested little island is relatively undeveloped and low-key. Only about 80 families, whose ancestors came from Ko Samui and Ko Phangan two generations ago and Burmese people who either work in the bungalow resorts or plantations live permanently on this hilly island.

The island is covered with rubber plantations in the lowlands and with jungle on the hillsides. Mangrove swamps are found in the shallow waters of the north and east coast, while the rocky west coast consists of a large sandy bay and several smaller bays where there are cashew nut and coconut plantations.

The sandy beaches have attracted many travelers during recent years – however, you will find more idyllic and beautiful beaches on other islands and also the visibility for snorkeling is limited.
The travelers who come here enjoy the simple and peaceful life and do not miss any comfort of modern civilization.
There are neither roads nor electric lines and the resorts generate their own electricity either by generators or small solar units – the latter donated by the Thai government after the tsunami.
During the dry season the sandy beaches are interlaced with greyish streaks (zinc oxide) while during the monsoon season their natural beauty is exposed again. At times sand flies can be annoying.
From November to April travelers can find inexpensive accommodation in bungalow resorts ranging from 150 to 400 Baht. Most bungalows have attached bathrooms.
In most bungalows ventilation is generated by the wind blowing from the sea during the day. When this natural cooling system ebbs out in the evening around 7 pm, most guests take their dinner in the restaurant cooling off with a couple of cool drinks. If the bungalow has a window or another opening towards the east, the winds from the land side can bring some refreshing air.
Only a few places are open all year round, most resorts close for the rainy season.
The “other” Ko Chang is different
Most travelers on Ko Chang enjoy their holiday being far from modern civilization. Actually they are no travelers, they are regulars who stay for several months on the island cultivating a simple and natural life style. Low-key accommodation without towels or toilet paper, but with candle light. The bungalow resorts are usually run by local families and they receive their guests with a genuine warm welcome.
However, if people ask immediately for internet (now available in several places) or for motorcycle rental or they even complain about that there is no 24-hour electricity, then these travelers are not in the right place here.
The locals are very aware and keep the simple and natural atmosphere in harmony with their guests. To build more bungalow resorts in the future is no option, as there are not enough workers and there will be no room for more than 300 people on the island. Furthermore, the water supply will not be enough – even now it already is critical especially at the end of the dry season.

That is why there is hope that Ko Chang will stay the same way as it is now.
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