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Bang Niang Beach - in the center of Khao Lak

Destination: BangNiang

The village where locals and foreigners mix

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Bang Niang Beach is still a top beach but has suffered in the last monsoon so that it is not as wide any more. We all hope that the sand comes back in the next months so that our guests can enjoy the beach as before.
To protect their land, most resorts had to build walls. Nobody really likes them, but there exists no alternative, as long as the government does not take measures to reinforce the natural reef that was partly destroyed by the tsunami.

One of the great assets of Bang Niang Beach are the many beachside restaurants which all offer first class seafood and delicious Thai food. The variation is wide from simple bamboo restaurants on the beach to well appointed restaurants with wooden furniture and tables with beautiful decor.
The latest restaurant is the Green Pepper on the Beach which is very popular since its first day of operation.
Our top beachfront bungalows -- still affordable:
Holiday Homes
Sita Garden - Accommodation
6 rooms  from 1,600 to 2,800 Baht
Tel.: 0878966154
The Shambhala Resort - Accommodation
14 rooms  from 5,000 to 8,000 Baht
Tel.: 076-486600 or 089-1777886
The Shambhala Khaolak Resort (เดอะชัมบาลา เขาหลัก รีสอร์ท) (BangNiangBeach)
High Season Rates: 5,000 to 8,000 Baht
Green Season Rates: 3,500 to 6,000 Baht

The Shambhala is located on Bang Niang Beach in Khao Lak.
The accommodation consists of four different styles: Deluxe Room, Deluxe Ocean-View Room, Garden Bungalow, and Beachfront Bungalow. Ten rooms in bungalows and four rooms in apartments are decorated in Thai contemporary style. They are well-equipped with all modern comfort and amenities, a private balcony or terrace and also a magnificent sea or garden view.
Another E-mail :

67/62 Moo 5, Khuk Khak, Takua Pa, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-486600 or 089-1777886 - Fax.: 076-486601

Our top four beachside restaurants from north to south
Beach Restaurant
Nang Piew Restaurant - Restaurants
Nang Piew Restaurant (ร้านอาหาร นางปิ๋ว) (BangNiangBeach)

Nang Piew Restaurant is situated at the northern end of Bang Niang Beach. It occupies a large area with salas for eating, krathoms for massage, deck chairs and umbrellas. The round bar looks quite decorative. During the day the area is teaming with tourists enjoying the beach. In the evening portions tend to be substantially larger than during the day. Prices are higher than at the southern end of the beach, but this may be justified as the management is quite service minded and takes very good care of the guests. Around 5 pm music is turned up to unbearable levels so that tourists flee the scene which allows the staff to clean up before tourists come back for the popular sunset hour. Of course most tourists don't understand this clever action and tend to be upset about it. If a table is ordered for a group in the evening, it is nicely placed on the beach and beautifully decorated with table cloth, flowers and decorative lamps.

Bang Niang Beach, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190

Our favourite for Baracuda Filet: 300 gram for 180 Baht, all inclusive!
Seafood Restaurant
Sunny Restaurant - Restaurants
Tel.: 076-429500-29
Sunny Restaurant (ซันนี่ ภัตตาคาร) (BangNiangBeach)

Sunny Restaurant and bar on the beach of Sudala Beach Resort serves a splendid variety of international and Thai dishes and has a panoramic view. Their specialty is seafood and fresh fish. Our top favorite in Khao Lak is the Barracuda Filet prepared in 6 variations according to your taste. You pay by the weight, which is only 45 Baht per 100 gram, and a sumptuous salad is included. Lately they have asked for a minimum of 300 grams per serving, but even then, in such a beautiful environment, this is the best value for money you can find in Khao Lak. The drinks are not cheap though. If you are on a budget, an inexpensive bottle of water will do easily.

56/4 Moo 5, Bang Niang, Khuk Khak, Takua Pa, Phang Nga
Tel.: 076-429500-29 - Fax.: 076-486843

Basic restaurants with your toes in the sand:
Beach Restaurant
Aroy Restaurant - Restaurants
Aroy Restaurant (ร้านอาหาร อร่อย) (BangNiangBeach)

Closed in the Green Season

Aroy Restaurant is located at the southern end of Bang Niang Beach just before Bang Niang River. The tables and seats are right on the sandy beach.

Bang Niang Beach, Khuk Khak, Takua Pa, Phang Nga 82190

Beach Restaurant
Dragon Restaurant - Restaurants
Dragon Restaurant and Bar 2 (ร้านอาหาร ดาร์ก้อน แอนด์ บาร์ 2) (BangNiangBeach)

Closed in the Green Season

The Dragon Restaurant has built a second restaurant, now on Bang Niang Beach, between Ton Son Restaurant and Aroy Restaurant. Exactly like the neighbours it has bamboo furniture and simple wooden tables. Here you can dine with your toes in the sand.

Bang Niang Beach, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190

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