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Ao Yai North on Ko Chang (Ranong)

Destination: KoChang

The "other" Ko Chang is different -- peaceful and laid back

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Most resorts are located on this 3 km bay. The northern part consists of a wide sandy beach, followed by rocks and several bays. A large temple area is situated in the center of Ao Yai, near the river. From here, a small concrete path leads to the village (1 km). Ao Yai Beach is more lively and some resorts offer a little bit more comfort and even beach chairs. Parties are sometimes held in the evenings. At certain times there can be sand flies on the beach.

The Bungalows at the northern End of Ao Yai:
Long Beach Resort - Accommodation
11 rooms  from 300 to 600 Baht
Tel.: 087-2830108 or 077-820172
Not Rated
Long Beach Resort (ลองบีช รีสอร์ท) (AoYai (KoChang))
Rates: 300 to 600 Baht

Long Beach Resort is located right on the beach offering 9 wooden bungalows and 2 new concrete bungalows with fan and solar energy, European style bathroom. Al, who takes care of the guests, is very helpful and lively and she speaks English well. Restaurant with western and Laotian cuisine, coffee bar with self service. Long Beach Resort is a friendly family business. Thai massage (300 Baht/hour). Open year round.

1/7 Moo 2, Ao Yai, Ko Chang, Ranong 85000
Tel.: 087-2830108 or 077-820172

Eden Bungalows - Accommodation
8 rooms  from 150 to 300 Baht
Tel.: 084-9379576 or 077-820172
Not Rated
Eden Bungalows (อีเดน บังกะโล) (AoYai (KoChang))
Rates: 150 to 300 Baht

Eden Bungalows comprising 8 simple bamboo bungalows with mostly European toilet, set just behind the beach, quite close to each other. 4 small cheaper rooms with shared bathroom above the restaurant. Here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea. The menu offers Thai and western food at inexpensive prices. Eden Bungalows provide beach chairs and some seating with cushions on the beach.

1/49 Moo 2, Ao Yai, Ko Chang, Ranong 85000
Tel.: 084-9379576 or 077-820172

Sunset Bungalow - Accommodation
18 rooms  from 150 to 400 Baht
Tel.: 077-820171 or 085-6555002
Not Rated
Sunset Bungalow (ซันเซ็ท บังกะโล) (AoYai (KoChang))
Rates: 150 to 400 Baht

Sunset Bungalow offers a range of 18 nice bamboo bungalows in various sizes, the more expensive ones are equipped with European bathrooms, table and chairs and hammocks. Managed by Mr. Moo and his family. Sunset Bungalow is creatively designed with natural materials, cozy atmosphere. Beach restaurant offers delicious dishes (curries are prepared with fresh coconut milk), homemade bread and yoghurt. Kayaks for rent, speed boat available for trips. Volleyball every day at 5 pm.
150 Baht with shared bathroom, 250-400 Baht with private bathroom
Another phone number:084-3395224

1/47 Moo 2, Ao Yai, Ko Chang, Ranong 85000
Tel.: 077-820171 or 085-6555002

Om Tao Bungalow - Accommodation
5 rooms  from 300 to 500 Baht
Tel.: 085-7834638
Not Rated
Om Tao Bungalow (โอมเต่า บังกะโล) (AoYai (KoChang))
Rates: 300 to 500 Baht

Om Tao Bungalow is set within a cool and shady grove of trees, offering a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. A choice of 5 various en-suite wooden huts with thatched roof, including 1 family bungalow and 1 safari bungalow. They come with open air bathrooms and hammocks. Om Tao features a spacious garden just behind the beach where yoga classes are held daily. At the moment there is a yoga teacher from Chiang Mai available (call for information). For the next season more classes are planned. The friendly owners Nikki and Fred speak English, German and Thai. Open from mid-September to end of June.

Ao Yai, Ko Chang, Ranong 85000
Tel.: 085-7834638

Cashew Resort - Accommodation
40 rooms  from 200 to 600 Baht
Tel.: 077-870226 or 081-4856002
Not Rated
Cashew Resort (แคทชู รีสอร์ท) (AoYai (KoChang))
Rates: 200 to 600 Baht

Cashew Resort is the longest running and largest place on the island comprising 40 wooden en-suite bungalows in various styles, dotted around a cashew nut plantation, most of them with sea view. Large restaurant on the beach, excellent choice of seafood and European specialties. Cashew Resort provides many services such as money exchange, internet (2 Baht/min.), Thai massage (250 Baht/hour), laundry service, bus ticket reservation. Aladdin Dive Shop at the same location offers various trips (see next chapter), snorkelers are also welcome.
Another phone number:084-5385385, 077-824741

1/43 Moo 2, Ao Yai, Ko Chang, Ranong 85000
Tel.: 077-870226 or 081-4856002

Little Italy - Accommodation
 from 300 to 400 Baht
Tel.: 084-8512760
Not Rated
Little Italy (ลิดเติ้ล อิตาลี) (AoYai (KoChang))
Rates: 300 to 400 Baht

Little Italy, Spaghetti Bar and bungalows, set in a secluded enclosure 100 m from the beach. Shady, lovingly tended garden with tables and seating dotted around many trees. 2 attractive large two-storey concrete bungalows far from each other. The bathroom is on the ground floor and the bedroom on the first floor. Daniel who is very friendly speaks English, Italian and German. His wife Wiranut bakes lovely rosemary bread. There are noodle dishes, pizza (order a little bit in advance) and Espresso, Cappuccino and Cafe Latte. Thai food on request. Little Italy enjoys a very quiet and natural location where you can listen to many birds and sounds of nature. Open all year and especially in rainy season the place is very well protected from the wind.

Ao Yai, Ko Chang, Ranong 85000
Tel.: 084-8512760

Erawan Resort - Accommodation
5 rooms  from 200 to 300 Baht
Tel.: 077-820083 or 089-8733036
Not Rated
Erawan Resort and Minimart (เอราวัณ รีสอร์ท แอนด์ มินิมาร์ท) (AoYai (KoChang))
Rates: 200 to 300 Baht

Erawan Resort & Minimart is located behind the temple, close to the river and about 50 m from the beach. Nice garden with many trees and flowers, small shop with seafood restaurant and billiards. 5 simple wood and stone bungalows with attached bathroom. Quiet location.

1/6 Moo 2, Ao Yai, Ko Chang, Ranong 85000
Tel.: 077-820083 or 089-8733036

Thai Bar and Bungalows - Accommodation
2 rooms  from 300 to 300 Baht
Tel.: 081-0833388
Not Rated
Thai Bar and Bungalows (ไทยบาร์ แอนด์ บังกะโล) (AoYai (KoChang))
Rates: 300 to 300 Baht

The popular Thai Bar is next to the river, right on the beach among pine trees. Sometimes there are parties with live music and seafood barbeque. 2 beautiful and new bamboo bungalows with private bathroom. The owner Mr. Karn is very friendly and he speaks English well.

Ao Yai, Ko Chang, Ranong 85000
Tel.: 081-0833388

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