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Humble Beginnings for a web travel guide

This unique website was envisioned over 4 years ago by Richard Doring, a German travel writer who had researched and written over 20 Thailand travel guide books since 1987 for a handful of  publishers worldwide.
His first ideas went online in September 2006 in the German website  titled "Our Vision".
When you google these keywords:
Travel Guide Book Chumphon
you find Richard Doring's website in second position still today among 939,000 results behind wikitravel, but ahead of so well known international brands like virtualtourist, lonelyplanet, tripadvisor, travelfish, letsgo and expedia. This demonstrates that superior content will always and forever reach the top. 
In order to produce excellent content for an online travel guide book a dedicated team of researchers is an absolute necessity for a huge touristic country as Thailand.
Richard Doring was very fortunate to find over 20 passionate friends to make up a creative team of Thais and foreigners whose common aim is to generate this Thailand travel website:
We ask all our friends to support our online guide book and to become a member of  the t-globe-community.

In June 2010 Version 3, the first fully functional web-generated guidebook, was presented to the public and is still accessible:
It resulted in the first postcard-size Thailand Guide Book ever printed on a personal printer at home. It is so cute and yet usable, that we decided to produce an additional pocketguide series of guidebooks for Thailand with its own website. 
In October 2010 google.maps published the new version of their very popular map system and Max started immediately to produce version 4 of incorporating the extensive GPS features of google maps.
As our more than 100,000 photos were already taken with GPS cameras, it was a logical step to make the entire information in driven by GPS data. 
This bold step forward will allow us to produce any kind of websites in the time to come.
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