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The Population of Thailand

The population of Thailand is an estimated 66.7 million people (est. July 2011). This is equivalent to an average population density of 130 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The population increased at a rate of 2.9 % at the end of the sixties but has now dropped to 0.566% per year (est. 2011) which is attributed to a successful family planning campaign.
The percentage of young people in the total population is relatively healthy: 19.9% are younger than 14 years (est. 2011). 
Having many children, especially for people in the countryside, means a good provision for old age. In any case, Thais love children.

Distribution of Population:

70 % of all Thais live
in the countryside,

app. 20 % in Bangkok area,
10 % in other cities.
Origin of Population:
53,6 % Thai,
27,6 % Lao,
10,6 % Chinese,
3,7 % Malay,
2,7 % Khmer and
1,8 % others.
Metropolitain Bangkok
Mountain Village
Chiang Mai
The Moken of the Andaman Coast

The Sea Gypsies are seafaring people that live along the coast of the Andaman Sea and on various islands in the Andaman Sea from Malaysia to Myanmar.
The Moken call themselves differently, e.g. Moken, Moklen, Urak Lawoi. 
They were given several names by the Thais:
Chao Leh, Chao Le, Chao Lay, Thai Mai.
The word Chao Nam is unpolite or even rude. 

For more information please click on:

The Chao Leh of Ko Lipe

The Moken of Phang Nga

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