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The relaxing Ko Bulon Lae

Destination: KoBulon

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This beautiful hilly and small island is located 22 km from the mainland. It belongs to the Petra Archipelago which was declared a national park since 1984 – a gem in magnificent nature with peaceful atmosphere. Bulon Lae is also called Bulon-Leh, Mulon Lae and even Molone. Clean sandy beaches, lined by casuarina trees and interspersed with shells and corals, are a great spot for swimming and snorkeling. People of all ages and those seeking tranquility spend a couple of days here. Many families with small children sojourn near the beach. High season is from November to May. The sandy beaches in the east offer huts made of bamboo mats which are mainly used by Thais on long weekends and holidays. The resorts located further from the beach are cheaper, but less popular. In the northwest of the island about 500 Chao Leh, sea gypsies, live in a small village. It can be reached from the beach in the east in about 20 minutes walk through a beautiful forest.
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Ko Bulon Lae - Attractions
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To the islands of Ko Bulon Don (inhabited by sea nomads, untouched beaches, camping possible), Ko Bulon Mai Phai (bamboo island, not inhabited, suitable for camping) and Ko Bulon Rang boat trips for one or several days are offered.
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