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Thailand after 1932
The influential era of the military

In the middle of 1933, the military finally prevailed in the conflicts regarding the future course of Thailand among the various parties, which participated in the coup. Until today, nothing has changed in the dominating position of the generals, although there were a dozen overthrows or attempts of coups in the meantime and even about ten constitutions.

General Pibun Songkram
When nothing works in the country without the king, then nothing at all works without the  General Pibul Songgram.
He already held an important position in government during 1932, and then became prime minister from 1939 until 1945. Even though domestic politics were rather nationalistic, Thailand allied itself with the Japanese in 1941, which used  Thai territory as a concentration area during the war against the Allies in Burma. General Songram prevented an occupation in this way, but the Japanese still acted as if they were the occupying force.
Under pressure of the victorious powers, Thailand was granted one of its few civil governments in history in 1945. It was headed by the lawyer Pridi Phanomyong, who  in 1932 participated  in the group of civilians, coup d‘etat.
Three years later this “experiment” was finished and Pibul Songgram again became prime minister. Until 1957, his main occupation was to control the various rivaling groups in the rows of the military. 

General Pibul Songkram

During this power struggle, Marshall Sarit Thannarat‘s group succeeded. There was a coup in which the constitution was suspended and political parties and general elections were abolished. The new ruler quickly sent his predecessor and his rivals into exile. Until his death in 1963, Sarit governed the country with a temporary constitution, which granted him an increase in authority.
Marshall Sarit

Field Marshall Thanom Kittikachorn as prime minister replaced him. He and his successor General Phrapat were allowing the U.S. to open military bases to conduct their war against Vietnam.
General Thanom

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