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The Tsunami at the Andaman Coast of Thailand

Ko Phi Phi

An impressive video about the Tsunami

Courtesy of a Swedish tourist

Khao Lak -- in memorial
(all pictures by Richard: Dec. 29, 2004)

The Helpers
(pictures by R. Doring: Dec. 30 & 31, 2004)

Clean up

Free Rice

Donated Clothes


I.S.A.R. Germany

Tsunami Museums

Throughout the 6 provinces affected by the Tsunami, small museums were set up in memorial of this tragic event and in honor of the many helpers who reduced the suffering of the victims. Mostly they are integrated in the life of the people and are a place for exchange of memories from those terrible days.
Unfortunately there is no real Tsunami Museum in Khao Lak.
An educational establishment in Bang Niang misusing the word museum is a disgrace to the people of Khao Lak and to the heroic efforts of thousands of helpers. We can NOT recommend to visit this establishment, whose publicized rationale behind these activities is the motif of collecting money for Tsunami affected children.
If you DO want to leave some donation, T-Globe Service Points will be helpful to direct you.
For information about Yaowawit School at Kapong, 45 km east of Khao Lak, which was founded to help Tsunami affected children and has developed into a boarding school for socially disadvantaged children, please click here.
If you are interested in the efforts of a group of survivors to overcome the catastrophy and to start the reconstruction of the New Khao Lak, the German diary Erfolge fÞr Khao Lak can give you an impression of their dedication and perseverance in the first months of 2005.
On that website you find further links to interesting, but now historic, webpages:
-- Donations for Khao Lak (in German),
-- The model project about Bungalow-Sponsorships (in German)
-- List of surviving Staff in Khao Lak and their situation 3 years later (in English)

Tsunami Memorials in the Khao Lak Region
(all of them worth a visit)
Nam Khem:

The Tsunami Memorial

The Blue Angel Memorial


Ban Bang Niang
Tsunami Victim Memorial

Bang Muang
Police Boat 813

Ban Bang Niang

Some Helpers in the Khao Lak Region
Duang Prateep Found.

EU Village at Nam Khem

Help by SOS Kinderdorf

Yaowawit School and Lodge

For more information about Yaowawit School and Lodge,

A school is for learning

A boarding school is also
for living

You are invited to join the life
in Yaowawit School & Lodge

please click here.

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